Hourly-employee time tracking app enables employers to have full disclosure of their employees’ working time.

Labor costs in the manufacturing industry account for about 20 to 35 percent of all costs. In service industries, it can account for as much as 50 percent. Keeping a tight rein on labor costs is essential and is crucial to continued success.

The largest overhead of any company regardless of the size of the business is staff wages. The industry or commercial sector in which it operates is irrelevant. Managing employees in a single location is simple. Start and finish times, recorded by time stamp machines on clock cards is normal. But, if your business employs a mix of full-time staff, temporary staff, part-time staff, and contractors it can complicate things.

Track employee performance

Track employees’ breaks during work time and their overtime. You can send alerts to employees from the main base of operation if work priorities change. Employees clock in and out and switch locations. The app will record any change of location and any overtime worked.

Auditing simplified

Additionally, the app will create an audit log for every time entry. While edits are available to times and locations, the logs will include all the edits made, if at all any. Creating records from audited logs result in detailed reports. Reports for payroll calculation are also a feature. Logs created from recording employees’ work time are accurate. Employers can be sure employees do not miss breaks to which they are entitled.

The logs also show, from GPS geo-fencing that the employee was where he or she should be at the time. Your employees will remain compliant as a result.  Your business will not run the risk of potential fines for contravening any labor law. This includes overtime, break times, travel times and so forth.

Single site operation

Time tracking apps and software are ideal for construction companies. Service companies and other commercial enterprises which deploy staff to many sites benefit too. Hourly – employee hour tracking app is a good fit for tracking the time of restaurant, warehouse, and office employees in a single location.

Deploying a time tracking app will help cut the wasted time by making sure employee’s clock in on time.‘un-productive’ elements of an employee’s day. You will get an accurate record of the worker rather than relying on paper timecards where employee’s might be inclined to stretch the truth slightly.  cut time spent at the water cooler, too many bathroom breaks or time spent outside smoking.

Additionally, employees who work as part of a team in a fixed location can be tracked. This will ensure that employees achieve greatest productivity.

Payroll benefits

The accounts department will also benefit. Time spent collecting timecards and entering data on to a spreadsheet is cut. Time spent transferring data to spreadsheets is reduced. Time consolidating hours worked to wages owed is minimized. Accounts department staff can lift records from a single database source.

Integrated time tracking apps will also calculate, file and pay any payroll taxes. Keeping IRS auditors happy is another reason to use a time tracking app. Integrated timekeeping and payroll apps are the best solutions for monitoring employee time.

Keep it simple

Automated timekeeping is an efficient method of keeping a lid on labor costs. It is a proven method of ensuring work is undertaken and actual time on the job billed. Suppliers have audited records to view. Should a customer query time spent on a job, they will have a record. They can see a contractor was, in fact, on-site for the hours billed, by a couple of mouse clicks.

Deploying a timekeeping app is a ‘no-brainer’. Why struggle with pre-digital systems when you can have an integrated system. A system that is foolproof and secure. At a stroke, productivity is boosted. Costs will reduce. Trust between employer, employees and customer ties will strengthen.

Goodbye to wasted time and money

Timekeeping apps are more flexible than manual timekeeping records. No more waiting for timecards to be handed in and processed. No more queries from employees about underpayment. No more paying for time spent on the job when the time was not spent on the job. No more customer queries about overbilling.

Queries or disputes which involve potential contravention of state or federal labor law will be a thing of the past. A digital trail of evidence to prove non-contravention of any laws will be available.

Time wasted is money wasted, and they are two of the most precious commodities of any company. To put it in a nutshell, a time tracking app is a digital age tool that will save you and your company time – and money.

Time stock photo by dtram/Shutterstock