By Kate Khom

Despite what someone has to say, email marketing is here to stay. However, the way it’s manifesting itself has changed over these years. Technology doesn’t stand still, customers get picky and need something that will grab their attention right away.

It’s a myth that people hate being marketed via email. There’s a misconception that every email of a promotional nature is perceived as spam and goes immediately to the Trash folder.

To prove this myth wrong, there’s information based on facts that email open rates increase each year. According to Super Office stats, the average open rate for email maintains a strong performance, and reached 24.88% in 2018.

Image credit: SuperOffice

Although the above image shows that there was a downfall in average email open rates, we cannot say that email marketing is dying. Rather, it’s evolving into something new and exciting, bringing more interactive content to the customers.

Interactive content is anything that requires some sort of participation from a customer. This content is created for a customer to get the full experience and usually involves tapping, swiping and other actions to get the most out of the interactive content.

Although email marketing is still lagging behind with using interactive content due to certain technical difficulties, more and more options are created each year to turn a boring marketing email into an interactive experience for a customer.

How should you use interactive content to instantly grab the attention of your customers? Here are some useful tips.

Make Your Offers Animated

Even if a client used your services just once, don’t let them slip away by sending them an interactive email with an offer. I’m not speaking about using an eye-catching title or playing with the fonts. I’m talking more about showing your customer how you can benefit from your products.

For instance, a couple of days ago I used Canva for one of my projects and created a design for a mind map for the freelancers. Yesterday I got the feedback from them showing me how the subscription to their premium package can get me more design templates and animated features.

My eyes immediately went not to the title of the email but to the graphical representation of their services, which was animated. And I think that it’s a great way to attract your customers, especially those who used your services once.

The animation is a great way to grab attention, and it’s not that difficult to create. Just make sure that you present your services to the full extent.

Time is Running Out?

Limited-time offers and emails that spark the sense of urgency belong to a so-called scarcity marketing tactics. And the science behind this marketing strategy is very interesting. According to Sumo, researchers set two jars with 10 cookies in each jar. Then they removed 8 cookies from 1 jar and left only 2 cookies. After that, they asked the participants to take cookies from the jars, and the majority of the participants chose the jar with only two cookies.

That’s basically how scarcity marketing operates. And it works miracles when it comes to email marketing. It helps boost sales by offering discounts and promo codes, making a customer fly to get your products like a moth to a flame.

The best way is to create an eye-catching title and include interactive high-quality images, by clicking on which your customers can instantly go to a certain page and get the discount or use the promo code.
Here’s an example of how you can combine scarcity marketing with interactive content:

Jason Peterson, a marketing specialist from Flatfy, says that the best way to use such emails is during a certain time of the year, like the holiday season. People during this time of year need a good bargain, so such emails will definitely attract their attention.

Play with the Customers

The best and most eye-catching emails often contain an element of fun in them. One time I got the email from Table tr td that invited me to eradicate bubble wrap, and I spent some great time playing this fun game and wondering at how simple this idea was. Here’s what it looked like.

Bringing fun to your customers is what you need to instantly grab their attention. It’s always a big seller, it brings more traffic to your website and will undoubtedly win the hearts of your customers. So, in your next email marketing campaign don’t forget to invest in such an interactive experience.

Wrapping up

Email marketing is evolving, trying to win customers over by grabbing their attention using the interactive content. Such emails are always engaging and exciting, so don’t miss out and invest in interactive content. It will definitely create a more positive customer experience.

Kate Khom is a passionate writer who likes sharing her thoughts and experience with the readers. Currently, she works as a real estate agent, you can check her website. She likes everything related to traveling and new countries.

Email stock photo by stoatphoto/Shutterstock