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Do you want to record and create marketing videos, but are either unsure how to start or dissatisfied with your attempts so far? The fact of the matter is that recording polished and professional-looking videos that are effective for marketing can be tricky, and it all boils down to the approach that you use.

Assuming you’d like to record better marketing videos, there are a number of important ways that you can do so:

Plan out the video in detail

Before you start to record your marketing videos, you should first plan it out in detail. That plan should outline every aspect of your video, including what is going to be shown in it, the voiceover narration, and any other elements that may be used. It is important that your plan also maps out the timeline of the video.

One way to plan out a video is to write a detailed script that covers all the areas listed above, and it is extremely useful for videos that have lots of dialog or a voiceover. Another option is to ‘storyboard’ the video, which is useful when videos have lots of visual elements. In some cases you may want to use both these methods, to cover all aspects of your video in your plan.

Make sure your audio recording quality is top notch

The audio quality in your marketing videos can have a marked effect on how effective they are – however it is an area that is often overlooked. If you are recording a voiceover you should make sure that you use a good microphone so that the audio sounds crisp.

Additionally you should try to limit any background noise, or edit it out afterwards. While you may not need your audio to be studio-quality, it should be clean and clear.

Use a stand to keep the camera steady

Although there are exceptions to this rule – as a general policy you should always try to use a camera stand or tripod to keep it steady. While you could rest your camera against something to ensure it is stable, using a stand will allow you to easily reposition the camera to adjust the frame of the shot.

In the event that your marketing video requires a lot of camera movement, you should find other alternatives that can keep it steady – such as a strap-on camera holder.

Keep all your B-roll footage

When you’re recording your marketing video odds are you’ll end up having to record multiple takes because you may be dissatisfied with some parts. If so you shouldn’t discard that additional footage, but should keep it around as your ‘B-roll’.

The reason it is important that you keep your B-roll footage is that although you may not be satisfied with it – you never know when it could come in handy. During the editing stage you may want to actually use some of that footage, and so you should make it a point to just save it in case you need it.

Increasingly there are lots of marketing videos that use screen recording to create instructional guides, demonstrations, or even record interviews via video calls. If you wish to create that type of video, you’ll want to try to use Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac.

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