How do you promote your blog post so more visitors can come to your website?

You must have heard how producing content is one the key element of a successful digital marketing strategy and if you are like most people, you are churning out quality content day after day, week after week.

But you will quickly discover that writing good content is just one half of the equation. You see, the problem with content creation is that there are dozens of content produced daily. On the average, it is estimated that about 2.5million new blog post are published daily through the WordPress publishing platform alone

So how do you effectively distribute your blog post and what are the blog promotion tactics that works

Share on Social Media Communities:

While sharing on your own social media channel is good, that is not the end of the game plan when it comes to using social media to distribute your content.

Social media communities and groups exists for one major reason. Build a tribe of people that are interested in a particular topic and this makes them good for effective content promotion. This is because you know that this people are already interested in your content. They just need to know your content exist. So how do you effectively use social media communities to promote your blog post?

  • Identify 5 groups on major platforms that you can join where people interested in your niche or industry are already gathering. E.g. let’s say I run a job website. I will look at joining a community where career bloggers are.
  • Become a useful member of the communities by participating in discussion, answering and asking questions and also helping other out.
  • Now share your content anytime you have content relating to that community

Email Newsletter:

You must have heard people say the money is in the list. So people treat email newsletter as just an avenue to sell their products alone. This we know is not totally effectively as people are bombard with sales request every time. Instead of using your email newsletter as a selling tool alone while not also use it to promote contents that can benefit your audience.

But you might tell me, you do not have a huge list? Start with your little list and ask them to share the newsletter with other people who they think might find it interesting. Another thing you can do is rent space on other people’s newsletter. You can do this either by sponsoring their newsletter or partnering with them.

Insider Communities

Know anyone or have friends you have an audience you can reach? Then partner with them to distribute your content. The major mistake we make most time is looking for hacks and tricks while forgetting the easy ad simple things e can do. So get your insider communities working. You can do this through

  • People you know e.g. bloggers or someone who knows someone else that can let u reach your target audience through them
  • People who have shared your content in the past
  • People who dropped comment on your past posts

Use forum effectively

One highly underutilize blog promotion tactic I have noticed is that most people do not use forum participation effectively. Forum are an effective way to get more people to see your blog post. Luckily, there is a forum for practically any topic under the sun and if you are hyper focused, there are forums that are niche specific that you can also use.

Here is how to use forum to effectively promote your content

  • Identify 5 forum that your audience uses
  • Register an account on these forums
  • Become an active participate
  • Now promote your own content

The key to using a forum is to be helpful. If you are just spamming the life out of people, you will quickly find this channel not to be effective for you and you might even get banned. So tread carefully when you want to leverage this huge potential traffic channel

Share with Influencers:

The last piece of blog promotion tactics that I will like to share with you is using influencers – who are basically other people with a tribe follower- to promote your content. This could be either through free mention or paid mention.  While paid mention is not a cost effective strategy, it could still work if you have some good budget to play around with. But if you are like most of us, you want to do this more cost effectively. Here is what you should be doing if you want to leverage influencers to help you promote your post

  • Identify influencers who have a circle of audience who is interested in your content or in the same niche
  • Identify some middle level influencers – Depending on your own level of authority in the industry, you will find that some influencers are well out of your league. The secret is not to despair. Just identify influencers with your own circle of influence
  • Make them your friend – Befriend them. Here lies the secret. It is often said that it is more beneficially to be helpful than seeking to get help. Look at what you can do for them. You can either share or retweet their content, engage them or take them out. Either way you want to get into their radar while making sure you not a pest

When you look for ways to be helpful to these influencers, you will quickly discover that it is easy to get them to return the favor.

Now over to you. Which of these blog promotion tactics are you not using right now that you can start using to distribute your content.

Adeniyi Adegboye is the head of SEO and growth at VTNS Solutions, a leading SEO and SEO Marketing Agency in Nigeria. He is a lover of startup, chess and coffee.  Follow him on twitter