Brand archetypes help brands get noticed among their competitors. In addition, they can also create a lasting relationship with customers, creating customers to continue to return.

First things first, you need to establish which archetype best fits your business. Attending a branding workshop with a digital marketing company can help you narrow it down. During these workshops, you will learn more about archetypes along with what colors, fonts, and wording you should use for each one. It is always recommended that you find a couple of archetypes that your brand relates to so that you have a primary archetype while sprinkling in some of the secondary archetype. This will broaden your audience just enough.  

The Jester and Outlaw archetypes are actually two very common archetypes used and if executed right, can work well with a number of different brands.

The Joy of the Jester

The Jester archetype is a little on the wild side and goes above and beyond with their antics and imagery.

They are clever, carefree, and use humor often, but it needs to be done in a tasteful way. Some serious products and brands can even use the Jester archetype for more of a lighter angle on their brand.

The Jester pushes people to live in the moment by being clever, creative, and energetic.

Even though the Jester is great for a secondary archetype, it can be successful as a primary archetype if done correctly.

Common brands that use the Jester and do it well include Old Spice and Dollar Shave Club.

The Jester archetype obviously works well for products geared towards men, especially sports. But it can also work very well with products geared towards pets.

Maybe your brand has a new pet toy out. Using the Jester can be very optimistic and playful, following in line with the product well.

Using this archetype can also boost confidence as it makes people trust the process more.

Remember, if you are using the Jester archetype, have fun with it! Have fun with the photos and fonts. As for colors, stick to playful and bright blues, purples, reds, and even magenta.

The Attraction of the Outlaw

The Outlaw archetype is rebellious and always plays against the rules. The archetype believes in the freedom to all by saying no to authority.

Outlaws tend to dance to the beat of their own drum and are often labeled as a misfit. However, this archetype is very powerful by shaking things up. They look to disrupt and shock with righteousness and liberating change.

Harley Davidson is a very famous brand that really represents the Outlaw archetype and does it well. You can also think of the Outlaw as characters such as Zorro or Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Brands that are looking to really make a statement should consider the Outlaw. For example, a new clothing line could really benefit from being a rebel and displaying the Outlaw archetype.

Use bold and strong fonts along with colors such as black, orange, red, and silver. It kind of makes sense why the Las Vegas Raiders, who have always been known as the outlaws of the NFL, use the colors silver and black!

How to Use These Archetypes

As mentioned before, you can always use these archetypes as a primary or secondary archetype for your brand. Maybe even try to use them together!

When it comes to successfully using archetypes for your brand, you must remain consistent. This means, if you are going to pick the Jester as your primary archetype, then use it in all forms of your marketing.

From the content on your site to the images in your ads, and even the fonts and colors on your business cards. For the ultimate success of branding archetypes, you must commit and go full force. With archetypes, it really is all or nothing.

It may take some time to really establish your branding archetype voice. That is ok and practice makes perfect. Don’t give up, just keep trying to find ways to add the archetype into your marketing plan.

If at first, you don’t succeed, then take a step back and figure out if the archetype you are using is the right one. Or if there are ways to magnify the archetype in your branding.

Calli Varner is an expert copywriter who has taken her passion for writing and mixed it with her knowledge of SEO and branding to create unique and informative content.

Archetypes stock photo by ka100500/Shutterstock