pbx systems

By Grace E.

Being a business owner, regardless small or large, how do you handle the clutter to choose that one suitable phone service provider out of the lot? More precisely, what technology or ease do you look forward to before finalising your phone? Security, low cost, user-friendly, latest technology enabled and what now? The revolution era hasn’t left the telephony behind. The traditional PBX systems might be everyone’s favourite, but the time is now when you switch to something stable, and abundant in features. IP PBX is that next significant change every business owners adapting these days.

The traditional PBX systems have now come up with revolutionary changes through Internet protocols (IP). The IP-PBXs have far penetrated into the industries with its advanced features and relatabilities.

If we put it in simple terms, the IP PBX has replaced the traditional PBX systems, and the reasons for adopting and accepting this change lies in this new technology’s benefits. The IP PBX comes with advanced communication features. It also has the ability to with traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Service) lines, which allows you to switch carriers easily. The IP-PBX phone system has one or more IP-Phones, an IP-PBX server and an optional VoIP gateway that connects with the existing PSTN lines.

Nine unmatched benefits of IP PBX technology that brought the business calling revolution in industries and changed the way every business communicate.

  1. It is commonly seen that a business with in-house IP PBX system will comparatively bare low monthly cost than those with traditional PBX systems or hosted VoIP. The less operational cost is a major turn on when businesses opt for the IP PBX systems.
  2. The latest technology comes with a user friendly approach and can be installed and configured by most computer savvy people. On the other hand, if we talk about the traditional phone systems, the installation process has difficulty to navigate the software configuration. The IP PBX systems can be easily compiled by network people.
  3. IP PBX telephone systems run over any private LAN and thus the signalling distance in local internet reduces. It enhances its speed and broadens the efficiency with fewer interruptions.
  4. The instances of power cut won’t be much hassle as with IP PBX you can keep in touch with your customers with redundancy. The loss of data or communication hurdles will be much less.
  5. With IP PBX, call routing will be an easy task. You can make and route the calls from your office phones, cell phones, desktops, laptops and even tabs/ iPads.
  6. The system comes with an auto-update feature, and thus the latest changes in the application will be done automatically.
  7. The functionality of unified messaging in IP PBX can receive and listen to you messages from outlook, inbox, and also the PDFs of faxes. This helps to increase the communication channel and overall productivity.
  8. Remote extensions are one more major advantage that lacks in traditional PBX system. With new technology, the IP PBXs now come with remote extensions. Employees can use it from their personal internet connection for extension dialling.
  9. If we connect the in-house IP PBX through a VoIP provider, the long distance calling falls under low cost and reduce the bills. The organisations with international clients or work have the solution to their cost maintenance with VoIP IP BPX phone services.

Why is an In-house IP PBX recommended?

To make the communication simpler, more accessible and cost-efficient, IP PBX is a majorly recommended choice. The software based IP PBX is the future. The companies planning over changing the existing phone system or the ones who want to buy a new one, the IP PBX make a sensible and financial choice. The benefits listed above gives all the relatable references for you to implement it in your organisation.

Is it a recommended one for the start-ups and small companies as well?

The businesses with only 3 to 8 phone requirements can go for the hosted VoIP PBX. The start-ups can also do the same for experiencing and analysing the system. The affordable and cloud-based services give an extra edge when you choose the IP PBX phone services.

Grace E. works as a marketing manager at Cybertel Telecom, comprehensive range of communications solutions provider. She has been serving the communication industry for 8 long years.