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Europe is a very attractive continent for foreign investors. On one side is the variety offered by each country, while on the other one is the European Union block which confers unity, stability and easy access to other markets. But when being required to choose among the 28 soon to be 27 countries of the Community block, what does one choose? Normally, the best choice is a country which can ensure good trading relations with other EU countries and the UK which is close to making its exit at the same time.

Foreign enterprisers considering Europe as their next investment destination can find most of the qualities mentioned above in Ireland. However, Ireland should not be chosen just because of its strong ties with the EU and the UK, but also because it is one of the most reliable economies in Europe at this moment.

So, why choose Ireland?

There are many things which can be said about Ireland when it comes to why it makes such a great country for investments. From the strong and stable economy, which is a great deal when considering long-term investments to the so-much-sought incentives of all kinds, Ireland meets the demands of many large companies.

From low corporate taxes to a variety governmental assistance grants and subsidies, Ireland has attracted large number of foreign companies, but also entrepreneurs who simply wanted to have small businesses here. But these are not the only ones finding Ireland appealing, as multinational companies in the IT sector, and when we say multinational companies we mean the largest in the world, have moved their operations in Ireland.

Another aspect to be considered when choosing Ireland is the workforce here. It may seem little, but it actually isn’t if you consider the relation between hiring specialists who will do the job for a lower wage than in Germany, for example.

The industries worth to invest in Ireland

The beauty about Ireland is that it encompasses many industries that work good together and support each other. Traditional industries like trading and manufacturing mix with the “new” ones, such as the IT and the financial ones.

It is safe to say that the IT industry has created its way in all other branches of the economy as automation is now present in all large sectors. The financial sector also relies on IT companies which have started creating new investment opportunities. Fintech, crowdfunding and blockchain development are just a few of the new emerging industries which are shaping the new face of Ireland.

Ireland occupies top positions in global surveys related to trading, manufacturing and IT and financial technologies. It is also considered one of the easiest countries to do business in as the process of forming a company in Ireland is one of the fastest and most simple in the world.

For many years Ireland is one of the best countries to invest in Western Europe thanks to the incentives offered by the government. It is also one of the most innovative countries in Europe and in the world thanks to the legislation which is updated on a regular basis. However, as a recommendation before venturing into a new business one should ask for some legal assistance in corporate matters in Ireland.

Foreign investors will find many business opportunities in Ireland, a country that has always adjusted to international norms while still maintaining its own traditions. This is also what led to Ireland being such an appreciated country in Europe and the European Union.