American Idol is in full force. What business lessons can entrepreneurs learn from the long-running reality show?

How to Say No: The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Idol’s latest pack of judges about, among other things, how they deal with saying “No” to contestants. Keith Urban replied:

Everybody takes the experience differently. It depends on so many factors – what kind of families we were in, the kind of friends we hang around with, the age we’re at, the amount of years we’ve been doing it, the amount of confidence we have in ourselves. Sometimes people tell us “no” and we have to make the decision ourselves whether we think they’re completely wrong and I’m going to ignore them, or, they’re actually right and I need to take that advice.”

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Reality Check: Find out what happened to one small town–and small-town small business owner–when a once-in-a-lifetime “Idol”-related marketing opportunity was dangled in front of them.

One of the most recognizable brands in the world came calling regarding a marketing opportunity in early 2008.  To this day what happened over the next 9 months still seems so surreal.  Because you never know when a fantastic opportunity might pop up and because those of us with small marketing budgets struggle daily to market our businesses, I thought I would share what I learned and what my community went through when American Idol came calling.

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TED Talks: Finally, discover what the famous TED Talks have in common with American Idol:

“Technology, Entertainment and Design” or TED as most of us know it,  is one of the most popular conferences of the tech world. The three decade old conference is nothing short of Davos-level meet up.

But what’s the real inspirational thing about this conference that we as Small Businesses should be taking note of? Their revenue mode is probably the best aspect that has set a precedent for most businesses across the globe.

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