Did you watch the season finale of British soap opera Downton Abbey? This season has been full of lessons for small business owners. Here are a few:

That borrowing money from family members always carries a risk:
Matthew Crawley is not the first person to jump on board a sinking ship, nor will he be the last. Unfortunately, many who follow in his footsteps can ill afford to, and such a decision may cause them more harm than simply having to downsize to a smaller estate in the country with fewer servants.
Originally from: http://nydailyrecord.com/blog/2013/02/07/commentary-business-lessons-from-downton-abbey/

That there’s a hot market for Downton-themed products of all kinds:
Downton Abbey has stolen the hearts of its legions of avid fans, but one viewer hopes the television show will steal its way to their stomachs as well. Canadian culinary historian Pamela Foster has crafted a cookbook based on the early 20th century British cuisine featured in the show — though she’s given it a modern, and more healthy twist.
Originally from: http://www.businessinsider.com/downton-abbey-cookbook-2013-1

That when you need help having difficult conversations, you might want to ask Grandma:
Besides offering a delicious glimpse into English gentry life a century ago, who knew Downton Abbey could also yield insights about communication?   Last Sunday’s installment gave us an example of brilliance and another of dull-wittedness.
Originally from: http://mahonypartners.com/2013/02/07/lessons-in-communication-from-downton-abbey/