By Usman Raza

Entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with many things, especially if they are short on cash. They are doing almost all job functions themselves and working long hours. They have to think about bringing new revenues, marketing, building their products, adhering to regulations in their industries, accounting, inventory and more. It is no wonder that they struggle with their weight as well. But, without their health, their businesses are sure to fail. Here are some ideas for staying in shape.

Drink Matcha Tea

Coming from Japan, matcha is a green tea that is ground to a powder. It has earthy-spinachy-umami taste. Like conventional green tea, it is high in antioxidants. Because it’s a powder, you end up consuming the entire leaf, and therefore, more nutrients. It contains ingredients that have been proven to help people maintain their weight or lose weight.

Don’t Sit Too Long

Many studies have shown a vast array of health hazards caused by sitting for eight hours a day. From organ damage and muscle degeneration to back problems and brain fog, prolonged sitting at a desk can cause a chain of problems from head to toe. You should incorporate more movement into everyday activities. You could schedule an hour to work out, either before you start work or after you are finished for the day. Other options include standing during conference calls, replacing your reclining office chair with a stability ball, or moving around the office periodically. You could leave your office and walk to a place for lunch.

Join an Adult Sports League

In the summer, many cities and suburbs offer opportunities for adults to partake in sports. You could join a league even if you haven’t done the sport before this. By learning the sport, you are exercising your mind as well as your body. You also are getting out the office or house and meeting new people. This might prove to be a good networking time as well. At least, you’ll be interacting with people who share your interests. Business owners tend to be competitive, so they push themselves to do the practices to get better. They like to work as a team, which is so important in sports. If sports aren’t your thing, you could go to a yoga or dance class. You’ll get the same benefits as you would from a sports league.

Be a Role Model

When you stay in shape, you are sending a message to your employees that they should stay in shape too. You could offer wellness programs where employees get reimbursed for healthy lifestyles and choices. You could bring massage therapists and exercise experts to the office. You could hold health fairs at the office, so your employees and you could learn about staying in shape. Healthy employees are more productive and cost you less in insurance. This could improve your bottom line.

Walk During Meetings

So much of the business world takes place on the golf course. Executives get together to have business meetings while playing nine holes of golf. However, if you don’t like golf, you could still have business meetings away from office locations or restaurants. Walk with your potential client and discuss business while moving. This will ensure you have a healthy heart and not waste your time for business.

Usman Raza is a marketing specialist at Crawford and O’Brien and Zensleep. Aside from doing SEO, when not working he enjoys spending time with his family. You can follow him on Twitter.