How the post-pandemic consumer shops

As America “opens for business” in phases, it’s a good time to look ahead. We all know COVID-19 changed consumer behaviors—but do we know how much? A blog by Eric Scriven on the Logical Position website dives into the topic. Scriven cites a survey conducted in March by Valassis revealing:

  • 42% of respondents shopped more online
  • 10% tried BOPIS (buy-online-pickup-in-store)
  • 13% are using BOPIS more often
  • 14% used grocery delivery services for the first time [me too]
  • 13% used grocery delivery more often

The Valassis survey also found 10% of the survey respondents tried restaurant delivery services for the first time, 19% increased their usage, and 27% were considering getting food delivered.

Scriven says that “while more people are turning to online shopping, that increased activity isn’t spread equally” noting a survey from Civis that shows more consumers are spending money on  at-home activities, such as entertainment services, fitness, grocery, and pet supplies. But they’re spending less on “major household purchases (like furniture), restaurant takeout, electronics, and clothes.”

Want to reach consumers? This might be a good time to up your social media marketing. The Valassis survey shows 39% of consumers those responding to the survey say they’re more active on social media. That survey also found more shoppers are trying new brands:

  • 48% continue to buy their usual brands
  • 13% are adding some new brands to their normal purchases
  • 13% are “taking the opportunity to discover new brands.”
  • 19% are buying what’s available.

Another change in in buying patterns Scriven points out is the increase in consumers “shopping around” instead of just turning to Amazon. He says as Amazon started prioritizing the delivery of essential products to its warehouses, consumers began buying products directly from sellers. How long that will last is anyone’s guess, but this is a good time to up your marketing, using the numerous tools (many free) available to reach new customers who are actually on the lookout for new businesses to buy from.

Delivery stock photo by shisu_ka/Shutterstock