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By Rieva Lesonsky

If you’re a consultant, you know how challenging it can be to maintain a steady flow of business. Life is feast or famine: You’re either frantically juggling dozens of clients, or desperately trying to drum up new business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn more clients into long-term customers? With a firm foundation of steady clients on retainer, you could afford to be choosier about who you work with. But in order to convince clients to stay with you long-term, you have to get results. That’s where RESULTS comes in.

Deepen Client Engagement

RESULTS is a business management software platform that helps your clients implement the solutions you suggest. Using RESULTS, clients can see your strategy, planning, and management guidance come to life.

Business intelligence software gives your clients pretty pictures, but doesn’t give them insights into why things happen or who makes them happen. RESULTS does. RESULTS can help your clients:

  • Plan and strategize: Using RESULTS, you help your clients create a One-Page Strategic Plan to put the entire team on the same page. The plan cascades down through company projects, metrics, and tasks for both teams and individuals, so everyone can see how they contribute to the company’s success.
  • Monitor projects and KPIs: RESULTS lets clients monitor their projects and key performance indicators. Metrics are updated in real-time using data within their operational business systems, such as CRM, Marketing Automation and Finance software. With visibility into project progress, management can promote productivity in real-time.
  • Connect and collaborate: RESULTS’ Live-Chat and Collaboration feature empowers everyone to contribute. Clients can create groups around projects, tasks or teams so conversations are always relevant and organized. You have transparency into what they’re doing, so you can help them succeed.
  • Make meetings matter: In RESULTS meetings are integrated with preset agendas, Tasks, Projects and Metrics. Meetings become focused, efficient and collaborative as people work together to achieve individual and team goals. When Metrics are integrated the spotlight on performance keeps the whole team accountable and motivated.

Since performance is measured every day, employees always know where they stand, making traditional performance reviews obsolete. Clients have seen bottom-line gains of up to 30% from using RESULTS.

The Future of Management and Consulting

RESULTS enables your clients to take their companies to new heights, creating clarity about their vision, laser-focus on their goals, and transparency about progress. But RESULTS can’t happen without you, the consultant.

Not only do you help the client create their strategies, goals, metrics, and more, as a RESULTS Consulting Partner, you also give them access to the RESULTS platform. (RESULTS implements the software and onboards the client so you don’t have to.)

Employees love RESULTS because it lets them keep track of what they need to do, what their employers expect of them, and how their work contributes to the company as a whole—all from their phones. Soon, using a business management platform such as RESULTS will be as normal at work as social media is at home.

Management loves RESULTS because it helps them be proactive and positive. Rather than spending their time putting out fires, they can create a strategically aligned workforce driven by business goals.

You’ll love RESULTS because it helps your clients succeed. How many of your consulting projects have petered out because clients didn’t implement the advice you gave them, or implemented it wrong? That makes you look bad. RESULTS makes you look good—while making your job easier. What’s more, RESULTS earns you recurring revenue from each client’s software license for as long as the client uses the platform.

Want to learn more about how RESULTS can provide you ongoing, passive income and give you more time to spend helping more clients? Get the details of the RESULTS Partnership Program for consultants.

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