The advent of computer numerical control, aka CNC, machines has brought about significant industrial savings in both time and money. CNC machining also produces parts with greater precision without sacrificing performance. As computer aided design programming actually controls the movement and operation of devices like grinders, lathes and sheet metal shears, employees can devote their resources to other projects, thus fostering greater productivity. As the old saying goes. however, the proof is in the pudding. Can CNC technology really yield a better product? A look at some of the prototypes and production parts distributed by 3D HUBS gives the answer.

CNC Prototype Parts

Prototype components allow customers to test tolerances and other aspects of product performance. They also set the foundations for positive relationships between 3D HUBS and its partners. When manufactured prototypes meet customers’ specifications in every respect, we can expect to hear from them again. There are differences, nevertheless, between prototypes and final products. 

  • Volume — the number of pieces put out will be modest. Prototypes are auditions, in a sense.
  • Materials — because prototypes represent a sort of tryout, the materials employed may be alternatives to what would be used for a regular order.
  • Source — in some cases, a producer will partner with a prototype specialist to focus entirely on manufacturing.

Cooperating with a wide network of partners, 3D HUBS affords our customers CNC machining services that provide both prototypes and end-use components. We are a one-stop shop for engineers and designers.

CNC Production Parts

CNC machining is a subtractive technology whereby material is removed to develop the final product. In this way it serves as the flip-side to 3D printing, an additive manufacturing method. The advantage to both CNC machining services and 3D printing service is that both can be carried out locally. Yet the outputs are utilized around the world…and into space. Having distributed over two-million parts since its inception, our company contributes functional pieces to myriad industries. Designers can simply upload their proposed work onto the 3D HUBS website, receive a quote promptly and have their order in production phase within a few minutes.

3D Hubs offers CNC machining services in the making of all kinds of parts. From medical prostheses to aerospace units to automobile engine parts, we provide CNC machining services, assuring the quality of the products while executing responsive customer assistance.