By Rieva Lesonsky

Life was a lot simpler for restaurant and bar owners back in the Mad Men days when martinis were considered “exotic” drinks. These days it’s a lot harder to keep consumers interested in alcoholic beverages (though whiskey is making a big comeback), as tastes seem to be continually changing.

According to trends newsletter Cassandra Daily, the “adult beverage industry is feeling creative…and one of its newest innovations blends two of Millennials’ favorite [drinks]—alcohol and coffee.”

The newsletter cites several companies introducing coffee-infused alcoholic beverages, including Cabernet Coffee Expresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino from Friends Fun Wine. While these beverages are sold in cans, if you own a bar or restaurant take note that these beverages (both with hints of chocolate) are popular.

Acknowledging that coffee and alcohol have been (mega) successfully mixed before (Irish Coffee, anyone?), Los Angeles-based Fliquor Bean is making coffee-infused whiskey.

One caveat: There have been some health concerns about beverages that combine the punch of caffeine from the coffee and the booze. Fliquor Bean has created a (patent pending) process, which they say is “different because the caffeine comes from a natural process.”

Not to be outdone, People StyleWatch magazine recently reported,  “Creative cocktails made with teas like hibiscus and chamomile” are popping up at hot spots across the country.

Photo Courtesy: Friends Fun Wine

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