Stock photograph of brightly colored pencils forming aásymmetric pattern.

See more green by choosing the right hues for your marketing, packaging and more.

By Rieva Lesonsky

Marketing is key to selling your products and services. And advertising is an essential part of marketing. All small business owners want to convert consumers into buyers (and then loyal customers), and one smart way to do that is by choosing the right colors for your ads, your packaging and your website.

TruConversion reports “research by Quick Sprout [shows] 90 percent of all product assessments are based on color alone.” Plus, 85 percent of shoppers say color is the main reason they buy a particular product.

So it’s essential you select the right colors for your small business. Color evokes different emotions in buyers. Red represents enthusiasm, desire and passion, while blue is all about honesty, trust, tranquility and power. After the Great Recession, orange became a very popular color (it still is), likely because it’s a refreshing and inspiring color that represents positivity and fun. Yellow says you’re friendly and optimistic; purple (the color of royalty) represents exclusivity and quality; while green is a hopeful, uplifting hue that connotes growth.

Colors can have different appeal to men and women. According to TruConversion women and men both like blue and green, while men favor black and women love purple.

You should definitely take a look at the TruConversion infographic at the link above. There’s a ton of information. Among my favorite: Traditional buyers prefer pink, sky blue and rose; bargain hunters are attracted by navy blue and teal; and impulse buyers fall for black, royal blue, red and orange.