If you’ve been using email for marketing your brand offerings, you’d know that it’s no longer just about that. Ask any experienced marketer and they will tell you that customization is the future of digital marketing. Today, email is also about offering a relevant and personalized experience to your customers and subscribers.

The emails of your prospects are a valuable asset that must be used thoughtfully. The days of hard-sell advertising or batch-and-blast email marketing are gone. And now, a large majority of buyers expect brands to offer a personalized experience. In fact, a 2018 survey on personalization trends found that 88% of online marketers were aware that their prospects and clients wanted personalized communications from them.

Email personalization is all about delivering the most relevant content to your prospects at the most appropriate time while ABM or account-based marketing targets the most relevant prospects for promoting your brand. This means by combining email personalization and ABM tactics, you can improve your engagement and drive better results.

In this blog post, we’ll be talking about why you should combine your ABM technique and email personalization followed by some ways get started.

Why Combine ABM Technique And Email Personalization?

Developing personalized and relevant emails that address specific challenges and needs of your target audience is the most critical strategy of account-based marketing. More so, incorporating email personalization in ABM tactic drives the following benefits:

Deliver Hyper-Personalized Experience

Hyper-personalization is not just another buzzword but is a legit practice that various marketers have been using for connecting with customers. Simply put, it’s about going beyond the traditional personalization tactics like using a subject line with the client’s name on it and using client behavioral insights to provide more customized services.

For instance, by analyzing the client’s purchasing history and behavior on your site, you can gain valuable information about the type of content that might be more interesting to them. This will then aid you in providing personalized experiences to your prospects, thereby increasing the possibilities of converting them into customers.

Accelerate Buyer’s Journey & Email Marketing ROI

Relevant, contextual, and personalized email content can help in improving the conversion rate. When your target audience receives content that not only resonates with them but also addresses their challenges, they’re more likely to purchase your services and products. Offering suitable solutions to their problems will help in accelerating the buyer’s journey.

Email marketing generates about forty dollars for every dollar, which is about 3,800% in ROI, suggests  Brennan Flentge.

As seen above, organizations that invest in email marketing practices have a better possibility of driving a higher ROI as compared to other forms of communication. When email marketers leverage ABM strategies, they can drive such astounding results.

Better Relationships With Customers

Account-based marketing is all about developing better quality relationships and ROI will follow, says Andy Bacon, B2B marketing.

Everything a company does, from the way they engage with clients, research their target audience, and perform email marketing automation- all play a significant role in developing customer experiences that help build better relationships.

However, most businesses fail to do so. In fact, 80% of organizations believe that they offer superior experiences to their clients, while just 8% of buyers agree with that.

This is mainly because a lot of companies have difficulty in researching and understanding the needs of their prospects and clients. Fortunately, incorporating email personalization with ABM can turn things around for good as it’ll enable you to send highly-targeted and personalized emails to clients.

Ways To Develop Personalized Emails For Effective ABM Strategy

Now that you’re aware of the benefits, here’s how you can get started:

Identify Target Accounts

The most fundamental step when it comes to creating an ABM tactic is identifying target accounts, determining their importance and relevance, and linking them to your business goals. It’s critical to have a clear understanding of the type of clients your company needs. Develop a list from your most relevant prospects and analyze their anatomy. Identify the main decision-makers or CEOs in the company and develop a tactic to approach them.

Gather Every Essential Data

When you have more data about your target accounts/customers, you can personalize messages more efficiently. Gather essential information like their interests, business needs, position in the company, and the type of services or products they want, and so on. This way you can use personalization in your emails.

Segment The List

After identifying your customers, you need to separate them into different groups to deliver specific messages or content. Segmentation is an integral part of creating targeted and personalized campaigns. Group the accounts on the basis of interests, business needs, gender, and role. Consequently, you can develop content that’s relevant and deliver them to the appropriate audience.

Develop Personalized Content For Certain Target Accounts

Determining the main challenges of your prospects and addressing their pain points will help you craft personalized emails for your target audience. Send whitepapers, infographics, blog posts, newsletters, and other content that might help your prospective clients in addressing their business needs and challenges.

Also, track the behavior of your targets on your site and deliver automated emails depending on their actions. Once you’re done crafting the right content, channelize and deliver them efficiently. You must determine the right channel and distribution time if you wish to execute an effective ABM campaign.

Analyze Data & Metrics

Finally, make sure you examine how your campaign performs, and in doing so, you’ll determine which content did well in engaging your target customers and which one requires tweaking. When you learn about the type of email content that your target group likes to receive, you can improve your emails to drive better results. Ultimately, you’ll be successful in providing your target accounts with superior experiences, thereby improving engagement.

Bottom Line

ABM is an incredibly effective marketing practice which when used in tandem with email personalization, you’re sure to yield astounding success for your business. Using this killer combination in all your marketing campaigns will not just help you in creating a superior experience for your target prospects but also boost your engagement.

John Sema Started career as a Market Research Intern and currently working at InfoCleanse. His Expertise includes online marketing, research, delivery of insights and build presentations and statistics report about B2B Industry with current trends and assist to the marketing department.

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