By Michael Zhou

For large and small businesses, the conference room is very important. Used for everything from board meetings to birthday parties, it must be designed to accommodate gatherings of all kinds. Because of this, much thought needs to be put into the room’s design, taking into account factors such as technology, room capacity, the company’s image, and much more. If it’s time to give your conference room a makeover, here are some great ideas to help you create a design that will leave everyone who walks through the doors in awe.

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Glass Doors and Partitions

If you want to convey an image that tells the world your company is cutting-edge and progressive, make sure you include modern glass doors and glass wall partitions as part of your conference room design. In addition to looking great, interior sliding doors made of glass will make the room appear bigger while also letting in natural light. While many people may think light is light, numerous studies on workers have shown office productivity goes up immensely when workers are able to spend most of their time in natural light. By doing away with old-school solid wall partitions and instead going with glass wall partitions and modern glass doors, you’re sure to create a conference room that not only looks great, but will also showcase how much of a difference interior sliding doors can make in the looks of a conference room.


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Conveying Your Company Image

Whether you are using the conference room yourself or have folks from other companies attending a meeting with you, it’s extremely important to know the exact image you want to convey about your company. Also, use activity based commercial design in your workspace. For example, if you’re a small but trendy company, you’ll want to make sure you have a modern and striking decor. To accomplish this, try using bold colors, unusual artwork, and chairs that are of various shapes and sizes. However, don’t get too bold with your colors or shapes, as this will tend to take away from any presentations being given. If you want to play it safe, go for traditional tables and chairs, which will show you still respect the past while looking to the future.

Table Configuration

Of all the decisions you’ll make in designing a conference room, how to position your tables will be one of the most important. While many companies prefer a standard rectangular boardroom table that has chairs all around it, others may prefer different styles. One of the most popular styles today is the classroom model, which has numerous small rectangular tables placed so that everyone faces the front of the room. With two or three people at each table, it allows everyone to focus their attention on the presentation being given, while also making it easy for people to come and go if necessary.


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Food and Beverage Storage

As we all know, most meetings held in conference rooms ultimately involve breaks for food and snacks. Therefore, along with the tables and chairs, be sure you include stylish cabinets that give you plenty of room for storing dishes, glassware, and cutlery. And of course, find a compact refrigerator with a sleek, modern look to store food and beverages.


Needless to say, all companies today need conference rooms that have as much technology as possible integrated into the surroundings. For starters, telephone and data ports should be located throughout the room, enabling people to plug in or charge up various mobile devices. Along with this, get rid of the white board and erasable markers and instead install a smart board, which will allow for information put on the board to be saved into digital files. And if you want to be sure you’ll have a meeting that is not interrupted by outside noise, make sure you have sound-absorbing materials installed in the ceiling, walls, and floor.


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Maximum Capacity

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when designing a conference room is failing to keep in mind the maximum capacity. When this happens, the result is usually too much furniture being put into the room, forcing people to constantly twist and turn in order to move around. Therefore, always know the maximum capacity of the room, and remember to allow plenty of room to walk around. And don’t forget that when you start putting the chairs into the room make sure they are roomy and have comfortable back supports and cushioned upholstery. Otherwise, you’ll see plenty of squirming while you’re making your presentation.

By implementing these and many others design aspects into your company’s conference room; you’re sure to have a room that everyone will love walking into and hate to leave. Whether it’s sitting in a comfortable chair or grabbing a cold drink from the fridge, there’s no doubt your conference room will be a big hit at every meeting.

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