By David Oragui

The so-called secret behind any “over-night sensation” stands in years of constant and relentless practice. It takes time for people to notice your efforts and appreciate it, but success doesn’t just stand in your determination. It’s also about being consistent in your efforts.

If your actions are all over the map, it doesn’t matter the amount of effort you invest. For instance, in an environment as competitive as social media, your brand won’t get to know growth unless you are consistent in communication across all channels.

While it’s not the easiest thing to do in the world, this practice is the path towards a loyal following and customer engagement with the brand. Once this happens, people will start associating your brand with the product (as it happened with Adidas, Coca-Cola or Tide).

So, let’s see what it means to be consistent in social media and maybe learn a few more tips for making the most of social media in 2019.

How to Achieve Brand Consistency

This is a challenge that needs to be approached from different directions, such as:

A Consistent Voice

The tone you use in communications must inspire the audience you are addressing while using the tools available on the platform. For instance, if you’re using Instagram and Twitter, you’re not going to base your communication on images on both platforms. While the practice has results on Instagram, it won’t have the same appeal for Twitter users.

When it comes to the audience you want to attract, the language must follow their preferences. Young people love and respond to a more animated, energic language, while adult generations like a bit more pace in their communication.

Finally, it’s crucial that you keep true to your brand – this is the only way to create an authentic voice that people will instantly recognize.

A Consistent Appearance

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, so your brand’s visual appearance must be easy to recognize and associate with a product.

Let’s have a look at the big names and how they approach this area:

  • Coca-Cola uses their proprietary red on all social media channels to offer a consistent visual image;
  • com – the site makes use of a special font and color to keep their visual communications consistent across platforms.
  • Netflix focuses the attention on their logo, which is by now, one of the most-recognizable visuals online.

So, to make sure your brand is stuck in your viewers’ minds, first check your visual consistency across social media channels. Select the elements you want most-remarked and focus your attention on them.

Consistency in Content

The type of content you share with the audience must be designed to elicit emotions, but it’s best to keep it consistent. So, if your brand is associated with high-energy and healthy lifestyle, you shouldn’t share content that makes people sad or angry.

Also, it’s a good idea to maintain the same type of content. For instance, if your audience is used to you sharing video content, it may be weird to switch to text or still images (and vice versa).

Consistency in Posting

How often do you share on social media channels? Most beginners find it difficult to keep up with a strict schedule, but if you want results, this is what you’ll have to do.

Even Google SEO practices recommend finding a rhythm that works for your brand and sticking with it. This way, your audience will know when to expect new content and they will be ready to engage. Furthermore, consistency in posting was proven to create positive ROI (according to Hubspot’s Marketing Statistics for 2018).

Respect your Channels

Finally, it’s important to select only social media channels that work for your brand.

If Instagram is the only one that gives great results, ditch the rest and stick with this platform. This way you’ll focus your entire attention towards getting more and more real followers instead of spreading your efforts thin across several channels that don’t bring the same results.

Wrap Up

Overall, everything you share on social media should follow the rules of consistency. In time, users will learn to recognize your brand’s voice, visual image, and content, which will boost your brand’s presence and results, making it an over-night sensation for the whole world!

David Oragui is a product marketing manager at SkedSocial – one tool to plan and automatically post your spicy visuals on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.