The coronavirus has Americans on edge and stressed out. And as a reaction consumers continue to incorporate more creature comforts into their extended stay-at-home living situations, according to weekly retail tracking data from The NPD Group, a leading global information company.

The data shows a “significant growth in sales of hand mixers, stand mixers, bakeware, and massaging appliances since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating the consumer’s desire to indulge themselves a bit during otherwise trying times.”

“Consumers welcome anything that offers them a bit of an escape from otherwise mundane, stressful, or hectic days,” says Joe Derochowski, home industry advisor at NPD.

Given most of us are “stuck” at home, you’d expect more people to be cooking, but NPD says, “the recent emphasis on baking brings it to another level. In the six weeks ending April 25, 2020, dollar sales of hand mixers nearly doubled compared to the same period last year, and stand mixers grew 69%. Mixers aren’t just for baking but paired with the 18% increase in sales of bakeware in the three weeks ending April 4, it is clear that baking has become a more popular pastime for many.”

On another front, living and working within the same walls has increased the amount of time we sit. NPD  says, “Combine the back strain that comes with sitting in makeshift office spaces with the general stress of the day’s news, and massaging appliances continue to grow in importance as source of relief.” NPD reports sales of massaging appliances increased 84% (in dollar sales) in the two weeks ending April 25.

Derochowski adds, “Home products have been particularly popular during the pandemic, but consumer focus continues to shift. To stay relevant, [businesses] need to stay focused on consumer needs and innovate new products and messaging to meet those needs.”

Based on this information, if you sell baking-related or massage products, this is a good time to promote them. And since we’re likely to stay stressed for a while to come, anything you can offer American consumers to relieve them of their stress will likely be a market winner.

Baking stock photo by Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock