2020 has affected everyone in different ways. From large to small business owners, working parents and everyone in between, COVID-19 transformed our world, leaving no country untouched. America, a country known for its opportunity, freedom, and strong economy, was not immune and has felt the impact of the pandemic just as much, if not more, than the world around us.

Although we’re still very much in the midst of this pandemic, some certainties as to how our lives will be changed forever are already inevitable. Small businesses are exploring new ways to reach or interact with customers, restaurants and retail spaces are making long-term changes to accommodate new social distancing measures. The average working parent is learning how to be a teacher, employee and parent simultaneously. With all of these sudden changes, it opens up new doors for people to redefine what entrepreneurial success means for them, into a new reality that can perfectly mold and adjust to their lifestyle changes (however frequent and unexpected they may be).

Whether you’re a current business owner or aspiring to find a way to achieve that entrepreneurial spirit of only being accountable to your schedule, you’re likely re-evaluating what your new long-term goals and plans are. As you set out to accomplish your wildest dreams, first remember what it truly is that you’re striving for: happiness, health, family, flexibility and security. Now realize that there is no longer a one-size-fits-all version of what success means in 2020 and beyond and there are a variety of paths a person can take to live their personal destiny.

With safety and stability top-of-mind for Americans right now, employers are reimagining what operating a business looks like. Perhaps it means giving up a physical office and becoming 100 percent remote. Or, doing away with the typical work hours of 9-5 and creating a schedule that suits you — allowing you to work around your life, rather than live life around your work. With so many new technological advancements, avenues for communication and different types of jobs that exist (i.e. the gig economy or full virtual workforces) there is no shortage of entrepreneurial opportunities to suit your most pressing life needs. The best part is, gaining newfound freedom no longer comes at the sacrifice of not being able to run and manage your own business.

Today’s pursuit for happiness no longer requires that traditional, 1950s picture-perfect portrait version of the American dream. And with that, the persona of today’s business owner also no longer looks the same. What once belonged primarily to single men or the head of the family household, is now available to anyone of any gender, race, background or belief. Take an entrepreneurial-minded working mother for example, Amy Smith. Amy works for Liveops, a virtual call center, as an agent for a healthcare line assisting people with a variety of different customer service needs. Amy also happens to be mom to seven children, four of which still live at home and are completely homeschooled, like many current parents today are facing. For Amy, her American dream is one in which she is able to be completely in charge of her own schedule, allowing her to work when she wants, where she wants and how she wants so that she can both provide for her children without having to sacrifice spending time with her. Amy’s version of success is representative of the thousands of other people trying to figure out how they can balance work and life in an environment that demands so much divided attention.

As 2020 rounds the corner, employers and employees alike are reflecting on what this year brought them. For those who have recently found themselves seeking new opportunities, there is no better time to take that leap of faith and chase your version of what it means to be successful in 2020. Whether that means taking charge of your own schedule and becoming your own boss through freelance or contracting work, or discovering new opportunities that allow you to be completely remote day in and day out, the new “work day” can be whatever you want to make of it.

Greg Hanover was named CEO of Liveops Inc. in 2017 after 10 years with the company in senior leadership roles. Liveops is a leader and pioneer in the virtual call center space, with a distributed workforce of over 20,000 domestic home-based agents. Before Liveops, Hanover was with West Corporation in a client services capacity. Prior to his leadership roles in the contact center space, Hanover held senior-level positions in the sports and entertainment industry. Hanover has extensive customer service expertise in the retail, financial services, healthcare industries, and holds an MBA and B.S. Degree in Marketing from Canisius College. Twitter: @Liveops

Success stock photo by Boonker/Shutterstock