Having a powerful logo is crucial to building your small business into a bigger brand. Since your business is starting on a small scale, your design most likely won’t be exclusive to the company—it will be pulling double duty as a personal statement.

Designing a good personal logo sounds like it should be easy since you know everything about yourself, but the truth is that it can turn tricky in an instant. Your logo has to have just the right balance of professionalism and personality—too much in either direction can repel potential customers. They might get the idea that you’re too rigid or too immature for them.

That’s a lot of pressure, but not to worry—even if you don’t have a graphic design degree, you can still create an attractive, appealing logo. The team at Company Folders has combined decades’ worth of design experience to bring you these six simple steps to creating the perfect personal logo. Scroll down to learn how you can get inspired, refine your concept, and much more.