If you believe Google has launched a new app called Google Nose, then we’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn we’d like to sell you. Following a tradition it’s been doing for a while now, Google celebrated April Fool’s Day by promoting its new service, Google Nose, on the home page of its site April 1st.

Various media outlets such as the Huffington Post and Forbes reported on Nose, but they were in on the joke. If your small business is considering an April Fool prank for next year, keep in mind that the risks could outweigh the benefits. Unlike Google, unless your small business customers know you have a tradition of pranks, your stunt could backfire and result in customer ill-will.

Before considering an April Fool’s prank or stunt, make sure it’s obviously so silly that no one could be taken in by it. (You’d be surprised.)

A better option than an April Fool’s stunt is an April Fool’s promotion. You could encourage customers to submit their silly videos on your Facebook page, post about the best April Fool’s prank they ever played (or got fooled by), or hold an event at your restaurant or bar for the customer who’s willing to get silliest or tells the best joke. You get the idea. Getting people in on the joke works a lot better than making them the butt of it.

Watch the video about Google Nose here.