march expo

By Rieva Lesonsky

During March Expo, there are thousands of innovative products and strategic partners to be discovered from the more than 58,000 participating suppliers across China and Malaysia. To make the buying experience a little more personal, is taking us behind the scenes in a series of videos: the Discover Today video series, which highlights manufacturing hubs in the two countries. The first one kicks off in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is a city of about 20 million people located on China’s southern border. Only 40 years ago the city was a sleepy fishing village. Today Shenzhen is a thriving metropolis, the home of more consumer electronics manufacturing than any other city in the world. In fact, so many consumer electronics businesses are housed there, Shenzhen is the known as the “Jungle of Digital Products.”

Discover innovation in Shenzhen

Shenzhen encourages Chinese companies to do business with companies overseas and welcomes startups and young entrepreneurs to feed the city’s vitality and energy. Because the city is a hub of opportunities and possibilities, an entrepreneurial ecosystem has been created, which Shenzhen continues to cultivate.

The heart of the “jungle” goes through Huaqiang North Road where many consumer electronics and digital companies are located. One of the companies located on this road is Wanshuntong Science and Technology, or WST. They’re a mega-successful supplier of mobile phone accessories, and are considered the leader in power bank manufacturing (portable chargers). (We’ll discuss the specific products in our next blog.) Jeff Cai, the sales director at WST, notes how much the company grew after signing on with—going from 150 workers to more than 400 today. Cai says WST sells to businesses in 60 countries.

In the past, Cai notes, consumers who bought products made in China were only concerned about price. Now, he says, “quality is important.” Made in China doesn’t mean cheap products anymore. Consumers are now seeking products manufactured in China, since they know about Chinese product development and innovation, and are impressed with the high-quality of the products they own. They have come to trust Chinese suppliers. And in WST’s case, their products are backed by their 24-hour service and’s Trade Assurance guarantees.

All over China, cities are transforming (much like Shenzhen did). A digital landscape has been created, bringing innovative products and designs to consumers all over the world by doing business with SMEs just like yours.

Take advantage of March Expo

There are lots of bargains and discounts available from companies like WST during March Expo. Make sure you check out the action on and the mobile app from now through March 31.

March Expo showcases how is empowering global trade between SMEs in the U.S. (and all over the world) and the suppliers and manufacturers from cities like Shenzhen.

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