By Jack Dsouja

Business relations are essential for both your internal and external customers. Today, small to large businesses are using the power of text messages to create a positive impact in the organization. When it comes to business growth and customer relations SMS marketing plays a vital role. With the help of SMS marketing, you can promote and market your products and services to customers who are interested in them. This is why companies should work on an SMS marketing strategy to help them reach out and connect with their targeted audience.

Lead conversions are more with SMS marketing

Most marketing experts in the business world agree that SMS is the hidden gem that helps them to market their business successfully. The best part of SMS marketing is that it is affordable and can be embraced by small businesses as well. Today, the world is, and people always have their cellphones by their side. An SMS reaches every cell. So, to promote the products and services of your company you do not have to check whether your recipient has a smartphone or not. Everyone uses mobile phones every day, and an SMS is never missed, unlike emails that tend to get lost under a trail of emails.

SMS marketing versus Email Marketing

When it comes to SMS marketing versus email marketing, you will find that the former has more popularity primarily because they have a higher open rate over emails. If you are a business owner and wish to reach out to your customers more consistently, it is prudent for you to have an effective SMS marketing campaign in place.

SMS marketing, as mentioned above, is cost effective. Here, you can send your messages to a large number of targeted customers in one go. If you compare SMS marketing, you will find it is affordable over other popular forms of marketing and advertisement like buying Facebook ads. Today, your marketing campaigns should always be mobile-friendly if you are looking for a competitive edge in the market. SMS marketing mainly helps you to connect with people and get better lead conversions and sales.

Experts say that just maintaining healthy relationships with your external customers is not enough. You need to nurture good relationships with your internal customers as well. Your employees and staff are just as important as them and here again texting plays a vital role in boosting organizational productivity and employee motivation.

An introduction into group messaging

Group messaging within the organization plays a vital role when it comes to growth and development. The messages that are sent and received can be read instantly. You save valuable time and money. When you are focusing on group texting, you will find that your staff is updated on the latest news and events of the company. Take, for example, a meeting. If you were to conduct or call an urgent meeting of your sales team, you conventionally had to issue a circular and maybe an email to reach out to them. Like personal emails, your staff might not have access to emails at that specific point of time. He or she may be out on the field closing a business deal. It is here that texting comes in handy. You can issue a text that is sent to the mobiles of your team, and they will get the message of the meeting that is called by you. They will be instantly aware of the date, time and venue of the conference as all of them have their cell phones with them. In this way, a single message will not be missed, and you will have every member of your sales team arrive in time for the meeting to take place instantly.

Group messaging helps in boosting morale

Most business owners say that when they use group messaging for their business activities, they can increase the confidence of their staff. Their staff is aware of every event that takes place in the organization. They never feel left out when there are major announcements to be made regarding the operations or the growth of the company. Moreover, another advantage of group messaging is that you do not even need an Internet connection to connect with your employees. All you have to do is type a message and send it. Messages are generally of 160 characters, and so the response is instant, and your directions are remembered easily. You will receive answers instantly to a message that you have sent to your staff where you need an acknowledgment.

Establish a unique personal relationship

With the help of group messaging you can establish a unique personal relationship with your staff and employees as well. This is the need of every good business leader if he or she wishes to drive a team towards the growth or the progress of a company. There are no downloads to be made, and you get your team to communicate with one another. You can be aware of the developments of a project. Say, for example, your sales team is participating at a conference where other teams of prominent companies are also present. With the help of SMS, you can keep track of what is happening at the conference without needing to make a call.

Therefore, if you are looking for business growth and progress, SMS marketing and group texting will give you a competitive edge in the market. Both of them are very cost effective and at the same time convenient for both the sender and the recipient. If you as a business owner have underestimated the power of SMS, it is time for you to reconsider and use it as a powerful tool for establishing good internal and external customer relationships. It drives morale and helps you to build a relationship with everyone. This gesture goes a very long way when it comes to development and business growth- it enables you to get a strategic edge in the market with success!

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