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By Clyde Ray

Performance on the search engines is equally important to have a website that delivers awesome user experience. Any modern day CMS demands a functionality that takes business higher, resulting into an increased audience base. The same goes with Drupal. No matter how brilliant and wonderfully the CMS performs on stage, but still there is something or the other that fails to meet the expectations. When it comes to optimizing your website on top searches, there are a few important things you can do to improve SEO.

The prevalent ones are:

Meta tags

Meta tags are something that should not be underestimated. There are some meta tags that are unacceptable and some that have a less impact on the rankings. However, using meta tags is always a great idea. The process might be time taking, but if you are using CMS like Drupal, WordPress or Joomla, you can make use of plugins. These plugins can automate meta tags and apply global meta tags that are applied to the different pages of a website.

The use of right markup

The right markup means using the right semantics. The use of H1 tag holds a prominent place than any H2 tag. Every page is expected to have an H1 tag, however, there are some reports that suggest that <p> tag text should also be included to help search engines determine the useful content.


With the launch of Mobilegeddon update in April 2015, website owners were required to optimize their website for the mobile. It is obligatory for search engine rankings. In order to qualify for appearing on top searches, websites need to have a CSS media queries that react to the user’s device. If the website conforms to the Google’s mobile responsive test, then it would be evaluated more favorably by Google and other search engines.

Use of right keywords

Keyword research must be done in a proper way. Businesses should focus on keywords that they require to be competing on. Their focus must be to get those keywords coming up in great numbers with the help of meta tags, content and the heading. It is also important to focus on the right keyword placement. Never place keyword somewhere it does not relate to. Opt for natural sentences. It is very easier for search engine algorithms to spot unnatural keyword stuffing. So, you need to be a little careful.

Visibility across social media

It is extremely important to be visible to as many social media channels as possible. Using social media will make a huge difference by helping you verify your business and creating content across multiple platforms. Creating backlinks and driving user engagement also become a cakewalk. A better ranking is generated which also instills trust amongst audiences.


In SEO, you will come across three types of linking, i.e. Inbound link, outbound link and internal link. Inbound links are the backlinks and are quite critical to boosting the search engine rankings. Though it is a time consuming process but also has a huge impact on ranking in search engines. The quality of backlinks matter a lot. It should always be linked to verified resources.

Similarly, outbound links are the links from your website that point out to other websites. Outbound links might be related to a social media account or a parent company from which you are citing the information.  Internal links point at other pages of the website.

Search engines always analyze the quality of links so focus must be given on creating an engaging and shareable content.

404 Errors

If a page is not found on a website, it returns a 404 error. Fixing website’s 404 error is an ultimate way to increase the flow of Page Rank to your website. The most easiest way to do this is to use 301 redirect. 301 is an HTTP response code that signals to the user’s browser that the content has moved permanently from one URL to the another. 301 redirects keep page rank flowing to your website.

Final Gist!

To keep your business running in this competitive web space, you need to keep optimizing your website with the tips mentioned above. The major objective should be to write a content that is highly self promoting and generates the most of traffic. You just need to start once and then keep continuing for better output. Once you understand this, SEO will become the simplest for you.

Clyde Ray holds multiple years of experience in PSD to Drupal conversion and has a special interest in writing about Drupal theme development. Not just these, the writer also enjoys writing for technology, IT, fashion and numerous other subjects.

Drupal stock photo by Pe3k/Shutterstock