By Cathy Baylis

We live in the era when“green” has already become the new black. With a growing need for reducing their ecological footprint, more and more companies and businesses turn to eco-friendly packaging solutions. Apart from the fact that such a switch contributes to creating a healthier environment, it also reduces the financial packaging costs professional ventures invest when selling and shipping a product.

Eco-friendly packaging is mostly created from recycled materials, and its production is handled using environmentally friendly processes and techniques. What does your business stand to gain by switching to green packaging? Here are the reasons why implementing this solution works well for so many businesses, from start-ups to conglomerates.

Stand out from the crowd

Adam Jones from Australian Writing suggests that, in a highly competitive market we can witness in almost every industry today, finding a way to set yourself apart from the competition represents a more difficult task than ever before. “A switch to green packaging, seen in such light, can make a significant change in how your potential customers perceive your company and your product, as opposed to the competition,” he implies. “Going green has never been so popular and well-received as it is at this time and day.”

Enter the world of possibilities

Eco-friendly packaging production was once very limited when it comes to available materials, textures, sizes, and design. Today, there is a special form of packaging for every product you can sell and ship, from food and drinks, clothes, electronic devices, to medicaments and cleaning products. Essay writing help professional team emphasizes that, with eco-packaging today, you no longer have to worry if your product is safe and well-showcased: “As this type of packaging production technology and costs change, it becomes a solution fit for any businesses.”

Benefits for small businesses

Unlike big companies and large-scale product-oriented corporations, small businesses are rarely in need of massive monthly shipping. A small bookshop or a craft store are much more likely to ship products with a single packaging system, as they are working with a limited range of products. Eco-friendly packaging startups often offer containers that have less versatility when it comes to the available sizes, which may not be suitable for conglomerates, but works efficiently and more cost-effectively for smaller businesses in the long run.

Large-scale businesses started the trend

For large, renowned companies such as Coca-Cola, Dell, and Amazon, eco-friendly packaging is already a reality. The idea behind this solution is to ship items in more efficient packagings, adaptable in shape and size, to reduce waste and help preserve the environment. The tendency is to switch to packages that are made entirely from recycled products, and Dell has been a significant contributor to that end. The company has stated their commitment to switch to 100% reusable and decomposable packaging materials by the year 2020.

What about the aesthetics?

The time when eco-friendly packaging concepts were limited and the look and feel they had left a lot to be desired is long behind us. Today, these packages have become more versatile than ever before, offering a variety of solutions made to fit any product and target audience. This way, packaging for your product will not only be environmentally friendly and cost-effective, but it can also allow you to express your creativity according to your brand image and your target audience’s preferences.

We live in the era of intensified interest in keeping the environment safe, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware and attentive when it comes to the impact we leave on our natural surroundings. Switching to green packing imposes itself as a solution companies can benefit from in terms of preserving the environment, financial savings, and even popularity on the market. As opting for a tailor-made design is no longer a dream, you can make your products recognizable and memorable, leaving a lasting positive impact on your potential customers.

Cathy Baylis is a freelance content writer for specializing in personal growth, career development, and education. She loves sharing her interests with readers, and she has something to say, for sure. Writing is not only her hobby but profession at the same time.

Eco-friendly packaging stock photo by 9dream studio/Shutterstock