When it comes to using paper for organising documentation in the office, you have several different types available that you can use. Starting from standard copy paper and all the way to carbonless, perforated and thermal paper – you have a vast range to choose from. On the other side, there is also the demand to go paperless, which nowadays becomes even more popular since there are lots of campaigns trying to bring awareness about the destroying of forests and cutting trees unreasonably.

So, what is best to do? Do you need to go paperless in the office and send, receive and keep all of the documents electronically, or do you search for a new, better solution that will cater to the needs of both your business and the environment? As technology is advancing at an incredible speed, it is quite reasonable that a sustainable solution has been found. The search for such a solution is always in demand. Because of all that, there are several solutions that can satisfy the needs of the administration and, at the same time, don’t cause any harm to the planet.

This solution is called paper from sustainable forests. The sustainability aspect comes from the fact that these forests are being cultivated just for the production of paper, and a paper product with the symbol of FSC certificate means that it was made without the need of destroying natural resources.

An even more sustainable solution is the perforated printer paper which is easy to use in standard printers, both laser and inkjet. It has a vast range of uses as invoices, receipts, gift certificates and coupons, tickets, business cards, post cards, name tags, etc. The perforated paper can also be used as pay advice slips, remittance advice, company memo, brochure, or consignment note.

Regarding the benefits of using perforated paper, the first and perhaps, the most notable benefit is that it saves money. By buying perforated paper, you don’t need to spend extra money on machines for perforations. Plus, you can find a quality perforated paper that costs similarly like the standard copy paper.

Secondly, the perforated paper is available in many different sizes and with different perforations. You can find all the standard sizes plus you can ask for specific dimensions, and the supplier will custom make it for you.

Thirdly, by using perforated paper, you save time. You won’t need to run your perforations as they are rather time-consuming. Instead of wasting time with using a perforator and eventually fixing any mistakes, the perforated paper is ready to print.

Moreover, it doesn’t cause any jams in printers and copiers as it used to do because today’s production is far more quality than before. The perforated printer paper will run smoothly and produce excellent printed results. It doesn’t curl as well as it is run through rollers that eliminate the potential curling.

Finally, they are available as pre-printed business forms, so you don’t have to print out a different form every time when you need a business form with perforations. That way, you can easily organise the documents and keep a record of the issued documents.

The Bottom Line

Going the extra step in protecting the environment and still doing the best for the business is possible thanks to the sustainable solutions that exist today. It is our job to make that extra step and find the best possible solution. Using perforated paper is one of these steps. However, making sure that it is made from sustainable materials is what makes it a better and more reasonable act. We can improve our existence if we are successful at what we do, however we can only enjoy it if we have a planet we can spend our living days on. Hence, the importance of sustainability is pretty obvious, as are the products that are made from such resources.

Ivana M. Janakieva is a writer that shares her thoughts on practical things for every day activities. She also writes inspirational stories and tackles everyday situations. L.G. Business Systems PTY LTD. 

Sustainable stock photo by PopTika/Shutterstock