By Helga Zabalkanskaya

In a highly competitive business world, small businesses and startups should grasp every single opportunity to enhance their competitive advantage and stay afloat among others. However, few of those are aware of the potential of digital marketing and how it can help small business owners to boost their revenues and sales.

In 2018, nearly 31 % of entrepreneurs believe that driving sales should be on top of business objectives, with the 25 % of owners insisting that re-engaging and retaining regular clients is also among the priorities of successful business management.

Interestingly, there is another online questionnaire in which 15 % of respondents were not willing to use digital tools for triggering their business activities. The problem is that small companies and startups do not possess sufficient resources and budgets to invest in development.

Neither do they agree that email signatures could somehow help them solve the issue? This is the point where email signatures should come to the forth since they require the minimum engagement of financial tools and investments, but they do help businesses retain their customer base and increase the sales.

Driving Sales through Email Signature Banners

Email signatures could be both informative and promotional as soon as various strategic marketing elements are added to the general contact information. This is what we call email signature marketing.

Signature banners offer the quickest way for attracting customers and re-engaging them into cooperation process. Promotional banners can also provide clients with easy-to-access information about discounts, offers, and services.

In the example above you can see how we implement email signature marketing at NEWOLDSTAMP. We invite our customers to download a new guide on email signature marketing by clicking on a call-to-action button incorporated into the bottom of our sign-off.

But there are also other ways of adjusting signatures for conversions:

  • Driving social shares through signature banners;
  • Offering new products and services at attractive prices to customers;
  • Inviting to a specific event, such as mass sales, or new meeting with the potential clients;
  • Downloading promo and demo versions of products;
  • Asking for feedback on a product review through quick questionnaires.

Keep Your Target Audience Engaged

Retaining and engaging customers are the basis for sustaining successful development at startups. Using email signature as a marketing tool you can engage your audience and deliver value at every stage of the customer journey. Besides, you can build relationships with your current clients by constantly nurturing them with highly targeted relevant content.

It is always possible to focus on the future events and meetings, such as free webinars, regular discounts, attractive offers, and upcoming business meetings. Email signatures, therefore, could carry out different functions, and become a viable solution to render major messages about business activities.

Email Signatures as a Tool for Brand Enhancement

The reputation of the company is in details. While starting a new business, the success will come to those who have a powerful idea which is carefully planned and implemented. Every single detail, logo, mission and vision should be aligned to add to the brand development. Using professional email signatures, small companies could receive a significant breakthrough by turning mass mailing into the quick acquaintance with the company’s target audience.

What would you personally think of a company who has even its own unique email signature? Surely that it has a well-thought plan and strategic framework with experienced personnel who care about all the processes and get down to the core of each mission and strategic goal.

So, What Is for the Future?

In the light of the increasing popularity of digital marketing and social media, the use of email signatures for growing business is definitely effective. Small companies and startups should review their attitude to this digital tool to take the full advantage of it and start using professional email signatures in a strategic way.

Helga Zabalkanskaya is a digital marketer with 7+ years of experience. Having worked in numerous industries, she has a deep understanding of various markets and a variety of tools as well as growth hacking techniques that can boost marketing activity in particular sphere. LinkedIn.

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