Do you know that your employee can be the biggest asset you can ever have? How? Whenever a job seeker applies to your company, they trust a current employee’s opinion more than the authentic source on the official website. 

By Ankit Maharishi

In fact, according to a survey, they think the current employees are the most significant resources for knowing about a company. But how do you as a company turn it into your favor? 

You create the Employee Advocacy program for your own business. It is reported that most nearly 86% of the employees find that employee advocacy can be very beneficial for their careers. They also bring in more engagement to the company’s brand by just 2% of them re sharing what the official account has posted. 

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee Advocacy is the promotion of the brand or the company by its employees. The employees share the products or promote the brand online. Social media is a powerful place to promote your brand. They make sure that they share how the company culture is and also about its products. When an employee of a company is promoting its brand, the company reaches to a wider audience. In addition to this, it shows how much enthusiastic or happy they are with their workplace. 

Thus, transform this opportunity into a golden one and make them turn into pro-promoters of your company products. 

To acquaint you with this, let us know how employee advocacy can help your employees to turn into promoters. 

Start your search from within: Employees can be great influencers

So, employee advocacy can be very similar to influencer marketing but here is a catch. The influencers you are collaborating with aren’t employed in your company. But with the employer advocacy, they can help your brand grow strong. If you are a startup or a small scale business, your employees will have 10-12 times the size of following than your brand’s social media account. And when the content is shared by them, the message you want to convey through your product reaches way faster and wider. Thus, you can be entitled to get more than times more engagement than your regular endeavors. 

Content shared by employees bring more engagement 

When you are into this program of turning your employees into brand ambassadors of your company, remember that it is always a win. This is because when they post something about a brand they are working for it will appear to be genuine and thus a lot of engagement will follow. 

For example, a particular club in a college has just started its social media page on Instagram. The committee member working for them have about 15-16 times larger followers. When they promote an event, it is likely to get more publicized than posting from the official social media itself. This happens a lot with college fests.  Thus, when the content is shared by your employees, you can expect a lot of engagement. 

Employee initiated campaigns can increase the conversion rate

Think about this, your company social media website has lesser followers and it has just started a campaign. Do you think it would be successful? Why do you think that all the famous social media campaigns that are started by companies are only successful when the influencers or the people working for it promotes the campaign? 

This is because of a simple human tendency. We tend to copy people and when we see an employee of a company doing it, we believe it is for a good cause. Most of the people around 53% trust a company’s employee than the CEO (47%)

Decide for yourselves how amazing social media campaigns can turn into when an employee initiates it. It can increase the conversion rate.

Employees could help increase the brand’s social media reach

Employees always are a great weapon of success for any company. They make it or break it. They also build the online reputation of a brand. Consumers these days buy products with which they have an emotional connection. They connect to the employees when they advertise the brand and thus they trust your brand. 


Thus employee advocacy is a great beneficial factor for promoting your brand. This program can be of different kinds but one of the most common ones is through social media. Employee Advocacy is not only good for the company but also for the employees. They can become great PR experts and get to receive rewards and honors. So, as great businessmen say, create a win-win situation so that you are never going to be disappointed.

Ankit Maharishi is the Co-owner of Sunrise Electronics and Founder of Writers Together. He believe in spirituality and power of Lord Shiva for the peaceful soul.

Employee stock photo by Pressmaster/Shutterstock