By Samantha Lewis

When you hear the words ‘working mom’ what is your first thought? Too busy? Too much going on? Distracted?

Or maybe you think…hardcore, hard worker, dedicated, inspiring?

Moms are incredibly good at managing many things. Moms have an innate ability to do many things while on the go and keep them all alive and well. Who wouldn’t want a mom on their team with that kind of skill set?

Sure you may see a mom sneaking out to watch her kids perform in the school play or pick them up because they are sick. Yet, what is underneath that? A person who is willing to go the distance for others. She will do that in business too.

If you’d like a team player, someone who is looking out for everybody, you want a mom in that role. Mothers are incredibly adaptable to any situation. From being able to get what is needed when a child is sick, to putting out fires at the office. A mom could be your go-to on your managerial staff because you know she has her eye on everything.

As a business owner, manager or team leader we all desire to have people on our team who are team players. Those we can rely on. People who know what is needed to get the job done, and are willing to go the extra mile if needed. Moms are incredible at keeping track of their children and this translates into keeping track of employees, projects, and meetings.

Key attributes to having great value in the workplace include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Well organized
  • Social
  • Respectful
  • Leadership
  • Ability to know what is going on with many things at the same time.

When it comes to having a working mom on your team you may notice that she has all these attributes and more, she is reliable, she gets things done and she goes the extra mile.

She is a team player. At home her team is her family who rely on her to provide them with what they need – nurturing, caring, encouragement, acknowledgement and support. A mom has incredible attention to detail – I mean, who else is going to know that Johnny doesn’t like to eat carrots next to his noodles, and that Alison’s spot at the table is always beside her mom otherwise she will throw a fit. A mom is going to be well organized (most of the time!). A mom is going to be social – how is she going to get through all of Johnny’s soccer practices if she doesn’t know how to interact with the best (or the worst) of them?

A mom is respectful and has empathy for what others may be going through. She knows this the best because a mama is more than likely to put others first while internally and gracefully dealing with her own stuff. Moms are hardcore, and have often been given a hard time for having their kids as a priority – but hello, she had kids because she wanted them and nowhere should anyone tell her she can’t have kids while still being amazing in the workplace too!

A mom is leader in so many ways and has awareness in so many areas. These are gifts to add to a business. The key is to know that she is putting her efforts into making sure that whatever she is doing, whether bathing a child or pitching the next project, she is all in.

The question is, are you willing to match her efforts?

What if she were to receive the same support, encouragement, acknowledgment, nurturing and caring at work? I wonder how much more she could create for you and your business if you acknowledged her and gave her all the support she needed to continuously show up, do her job and shine brightly.

Samantha Lewis is a life coach, corporate wellness practitioner and certified facilitator of several special programs by Access Consciousness®, including Being You Adventures. Throughout her corporate career in sales and marketing, she retained an avid interest in mental, physical and spiritual wellness and is trained in Shiatsu and Indian Head Massage, acupressure and aromatherapy. Samantha now draws upon her wide range of skills and her personal moments of both joy and sadness to facilitate empowering workshops for groups and individuals. Follow Samantha.

Working mom stock photo By Frank Gaertner/Shutterstock