Enterprise mobility solutions are engulfing the technology world. There is not any difference between what can take place over a desktop and what can be done over a mobile phone. The lines of discrimination have long been blurred, and people are loving to be able to do things on-the-go with their mobile devices.

According to Craig J. Mathias, an internationally acclaimed expert on wireless, unified communications and mobile computing technologies, and a key speaker at various global conferences, Mobility solutions can largely be divided into three main parts-

  1. Duplication of the Desktop- Access to the same applications via a wireless screen and access to the data via a synchronization feature is a trend to be hailed today. Experts and professionals are ditching their desktops altogether and switching to wireless mobile platforms. The accessibility of information and applications on mobile devices have hugely increased their popularity.
  2. Access to the Desktop- Be it VPNs or PC-oriented, remote-access solutions, providing an access to the desktop from anywhere is another major part of mobility solutions. Some of these solutions include- GoToMyPC, LapLink, Everywhere, Route1, etc.
  3. Replacing the Desktop and the Notebook- Smartphones are now treated as miniature PCs, just for the size, not for the functioning. All of the power and functions of a PC are being crunched and put into a handheld mobile device. And, this is where things have gotten interesting.

Advancements in any field are made through extensive research and innovations. These two are mainly carried out through collaborations at International conferences. Here are some major breakthrough conferences this year which carry the potential to shape and alter the shape of the current mobility industry.

  • Google I/O – Google’s annual developer conference has been around since 2008 which is a recent date, but Android’s massive popularity and Google’s stature have made it a must-attend event for mobility solution enthusiasts. This year, as per ChannelE2E, the conference is set to be held on May 14, 2018. Visit the official website of the conference- or check out the official twitter handle-
  • Apple WWDC – The Worldwide Developer Conference by Apple is always a tech-packed event. At WWDC 2016 Apple had announced its macOS Sierra and iOS 10 while releasing beta versions of each. Last year at WWDC 2017 Apple talked about iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 High Sierra, and we could also sneak a peek into the new iMac Pro in its preview. For the latest in mobility from Apple, this event is a must. Bookmark their official
  • Mobile World Congress Americas – The MWC Americas is the necessary stop for mobility solutions developers and enthusiasts. The event took place in San Francisco last year and was a huge success owing to the inclusion of more than a thousand world’s top researchers and innovators being a part of the event, and showcasing their best. Attend this event in Los Angeles this year to make new networks and learn a tonne from the leaders and influencers of mobility solutions. Check this out at
  • Mobile World Congress – This event is GSMA’s annual showcase. GSMA is the mobile sector’s major trade group with over 800 mobile operators and 250 mobile ecosystem companies. It has recently been more than just a platform to debut the new mobile handsets and has wrapped major technological innovations in itself. Be it the maturity of IoT in the mobility arena, or the applications of ML, this event has gone a long way in shaping the future of mobility solutions. Visit their official website at
  • Mobile Innovation Summit – The tagline for this event says, “Improve your consumer engagement with a successful mobile strategy”, and that is exactly what this event is all about. The end of this year will witness the Mobile Innovation Summit 2018 between the 6-7 December in San Francisco. Utilize new technologies and soak in the most advanced digital capabilities with the knowledge from this one conference. Visit the website at

When the world leaders and influencers of the enterprise mobility solutions attend an event, a professional or learner needs no other reason. Look out for all these ground breaking conferences in 2018.

Rosina De Palma is a Technical Writer of Nex Mobility, a leading mobile app development company which provide best iOS and Android app development Services all over the world. Follow her on Twitter.