By Rieva Lesonsky

5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

We’ve received info on so many great tools recently, today’s Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know is dedicated just to that.


Cool Tools

1—Store, Access and Share Information Digitally

Enterprise content management (ECM) used to make sense only for large companies with the size and budgets to make the conversion to digital worthwhile. Now, with Xerox DocuShare® Flex, small- and medium-sized businesses  can digitize processes like invoicing, sharing files, editing, managing databases and storing documents, like large companies do.

According to Xerox, SMBs tend to rely on inefficient paper-based systems and often lack centralized storage of digital information. According to respondents to a 2016 Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) survey, poor content management practices result in taking too long to find content (62%), duplicated efforts (52%) and insufficient re-use (46%).

The new DocuShare Flex platform is cloud-based and provides the automation, security and scalability of large-scale ECM systems in an affordable package that’s easy to configure and use without IT support.

DocuShare Flex systems will save SMBs hours, days or weeks. Users can complete a range of document-intensive tasks such as:

  • Routing documents automatically to facilitate approval processes and version control
  • Automating necessary documentation for ease of compliance with government and industry mandates
  • Simplifying management of the multitude of documents required for transactions, accounting, billing and other document-intensive operations

Other features include:

  • It stores and manages a wide range of document types and content. It has a scalable storage capacity of hundreds of millions of documents.
  • DocuShare Flex can automate a range of business processes including storing all project documents in one place, managing review cycles, and meeting potential audit requirements. It can also enforce compliance with best practices since management can observe work status.
  • DocuShare Flex is designed for non-technical staff with an intuitive search engine and a user interface (UI) that requires little training. The UI is Web-based and will run on a wide range of browsers and mobile devices.

The platform can work with back-end company systems to pull data and link to documents.  It’s compatible with Xerox ConnectKey®multifunction devices and associated apps for developing specific time-saving workflows, and includes a ConnectKey-based scanning service for scanning directly to DocuShare Flex.

Distribution is available via a network of agents, dealers, concessionaires and resellers, as well as through the Xerox direct sales force.


2—Mobile is Not Driving Enough Sales

Dynamic Yield, an e-commerce personalization engine, recently launched a new mobile web product to help convert mobile e-commerce traffic. While mobile traffic to e-commerce websites is skyrocketing, retailers are struggling to convert mobile visitors into paying customers. According to Dynamic Yield’s research on 50 million shoppers in the United States and Europe, mobile accounts for 60% of online traffic but contributed to only 16% of purchases due mostly to consumers being turned off by lackluster and cumbersome mobile shopping experiences.

The Dynamic Yield mobile web personalization engine will include the following capabilities:

United Customer Profiles: Use insights gleaned from mobile and cross-device to target valuable customer segments. Segment by user behavior, device type, element clicks, geo-location, local weather forecast, past purchases and more.

Easy-to-Use Native Mobile Navigation: Dynamic Yield’s pre-defined templates and widgets create a customer experience designed for the mobile web. Easily implement scrollable category carousels, floating cart reminder, 1:1 messaging and more without any development resources.

Powerful and Robust Product Recommendations: Tailor recommendations based on cross-device data, create mobile friendly layouts, easily insert recommendations anywhere on your site, fuse multiple recommendation strategies into the same recommendation unit and more.

Personalized Mobile Layouts: Dynamically rearrange elements, menu-items and categories to serve customized layouts according to each mobile visitor’s preferences. Dynamic Yield allows marketers to move beyond just changing banners and buttons to personalizing all aspects including layout, menu bars, checkout flow and more.

Omni-Channel Synchronicity: Users who visited a retailer’s mobile app or opened a promotional email, but did not complete a purchase, can be uniquely targeted with personalized offers on desktop and mobile web.

Dynamic Yield’s mobile web solutions are currently available to all customers. Additionally, to help retailers visualize a personalized mobile web experience, Dynamic Yield has built a demo tool that allows users to plug their mobile URLs to preview personalized mobile web experiences on their site. Please contact us for more information

Go here for more information.


3—ABM Certification

Demandbase, a leader in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), just launched the online version of its “ABM Certification: Foundations” program, making its comprehensive and practical “how-to” course available to B2B marketers anywhere.

The “ABM Certification: Foundations” course is the only comprehensive online ABM certification program developed by experienced ABM practitioners. It offers real-world tips on what works best for the day-to-day application of ABM, and it can help marketers who focus on a range of disciplines, from field marketing and demand generation to event marketing, digital marketing and web marketing.

Advanced Certification

In addition to the new online offering of the Foundations course, Demandbase has also expanded its ABM certification program by adding an Advanced course. “ABM Certification: Advanced” rounds out the company’s offerings by going beyond the “how to” question to address “how to do it better.”

“ABM Certification: Advanced” will initially be offered in person, building on attendees’ base knowledge by helping them to both refine and scale their ABM strategies. The Advanced training is designed to help certified marketers continue to grow their ABM expertise by providing deeper skills and knowledge.

Like the foundational certification, the Advanced certification was developed by B2B marketing professionals who use ABM daily and have tested out the methodologies taught in the course.

The expansion of Demandbase’s ABM certification program comes at a time when ABM skills for B2B marketers have become increasingly important. Over just a few years, the focus has shifted from “What is ABM?” to “How can my company successfully implement an ABM strategy?” A 2016 SiriusDecisions survey revealed that more than 70% of B2B companies have staff who are fully or partially dedicated to driving ABM-specific programs.

How to Enroll

Professionals interested in either “ABM Certification: Foundations” or “ABM Certification: Advanced” can find more information here.

The program is open to all B2B marketers, not just Demandbase customers. It costs $349.


4—Easier Screencasting 

Snagit is a next-level screencasting tool allowing you to record a video of your computer screen, while you add voice-over narrative. This technique improves communication effectiveness and clarity, and replaces lengthy emails and meetings.

Companies are adopting screencasting as a best practice because:

  • It’s a faster way of communicating
  • It improves communication flow
  • These can be archived and reused—perfect for training and onboarding
  • It’s written, verbal and visual communication—perfect for communicating among multi-generational workforces


5—Tech Solutions for SMBs

To better serve SMBs, Skinny IT, an information technology (IT) service company recently launched Fireracker as a separate business unit. Fireracker provides SMBs with all-inclusive technology solutions to meet their needs at any business stage. Entrepreneurs and business owners can purchase directly from Fireracker’s e-commerce platform, which houses more than 100,000 hardware products. The company then offers on-site or remote services to assist in the installation process, and can be available for clients within 24 hours of notice anywhere in the U.S. Fireracker also provides 24/7 communication capabilities for SMBs to ask questions and consult experts on new solutions or resources that can enhance their businesses.