Everything You Need to Know About iOS 10

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 10

iOS 10 was announced by Apple at Worldwide Developer Conference in June 2016, since then four beta versions of iOS 10 have been unveiled for developers. This latest iOS version includes some exciting & advanced features such as smart notification, widgets, control center, Siri advancements, music app etc.

The whole experience is cleaner and refreshing. Although, not all the features are new or revamped in this new mobile OS but there are major refinements in some apps such as HomeKit, Music app and Siri.

These advancements makes the iOS 10 a convenient and user friendly mobile OS. The Nine Hertz, an iPhone app development company has researched some of the great features of iOS 10 and designed a beautiful infographic.

This infographic explains some incredible key points of iOS 10:

  • Lock screen improvements
  • Car Parking location
  • Smarter messaging app
  • Photos app that creates videos automatically
  • Improved clock app
  • Siri is more accessible to other apps
  • Apple Maps enhancements

ios 10

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