By Rieva Lesonsky

CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) is the most anticipated show of the year for hundreds of thousands of people. The Las Vegas cabbies I talked to today were looking forward to the crowds, following a “slow few months.” And, of course, everyone connected with technology can’t wait to see what’s unveiled here.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs should pay be paying a lot of attention as well. For the new technologies, yes, because tech can make your business more productive, efficient, smarter and more profitable.

But, CES is also important for all the opportunities it presents entrepreneurs. We’ll talk about specifics throughout the week, but in the preview of the Design & Sourcing Marketplace I saw today, you’re going to get the chance (by watching the Live Stream) to meet some of Alibaba’s best suppliers, and learn how you can find the best suppliers for your business. You’ll hear from Kuo Zhang, the general manager of about all the possibilities global trade has to offer you, and how mobile advances can literally enable you to do business from anywhere to anywhere anytime of the day—or night.

A lot of companies have already made some noise at CES. According to Tech Radar, there’ve already been a lot of tech new products introductions, including 8K TVs, ultrathin laptops and “smart products [that] are about to get smarter.”

CNET predicts we’re going to see even more products with voice assistants built in. Plus, CNET says look for a lot of innovative beauty products, beyond the smart hairbrushes and AR mirrors that were introduced in 2017. Check out this talking flat iron on

Intel’s self-driving drone also made a splash at the CES kickoff.

There’s sure to be a lot of surprises as well. Again, don’t forget to join us on the live stream. If you’re on Twitter we’ll be tweeting all day. Follow the #AlibabaCES hashtag and the @AlibabaTalk and @Rieva Twitter accounts so you don’t miss anything important.