By Laura Russell,

When your company or team is looking for the best option to produce and share key business videos that aid in overall business results and efficiency, a robust streaming video platform is a must. Video and web technology continues to advance at lightning pace and that makes the need to identify the right service provider as important as what service is currently offered. Teaming with the right partner for your business collaboration needs will give you the opportunity to take advantage of new features and options as they are made available.

The Latest “Must Have’s” For Business Video Streaming
When evaluating today’s options for video streaming services, following is a list of some features that you will want to look for from a service provider:

HTML 5 and Flash delivery
The ability to stream video via both the latest HTML language and flash will give your team and business the maximum flexibility to allow viewing from any standard platform. No longer will you have people unable to view your videos because of system incompatibility, thereby rendering some of your investment a waste.

Full mobile compatibility
The mobile nature of workforces is not going away and the need to have your videos viewable live and on demand via smartphones or tablets should be a standard feature of any streaming video platform that you consider. Most leading offerings support both Apple and Google Android devices and operating systems and may also offer offline interactive options via proprietary apps.

Robust presenter controls
Give presenters maximum flexibility with robust presenter consoles and options for live event management. The ability to enable or disable live chat as needed, to send messages to select participants or to show certain data to only some attendees and more are just some of the features available today.

Multiformat and Multibitrate streaming
The most powerful options available allow automatic adjustments based upon the detected viewing platform to deliver an optimal viewing experience for all participants. Find a solution that automatically detects user’s bandwidth and then switches between your already created renditions even mid-stream for the smoothest playback at all times.

Enhanced user library creation and management
Make it easy for your subscribers to create and search your library and individual playlists. Easier search and saving methods will results in higher usage per video, thereby delivering a much higher ROI on your business videos.

Robust content management and organization
Using your defined metadata, you can set authorizations or licenses for viewing as well as any restrictions. Additionally, the ability to integrate with common content management systems allows easier sharing and greater watches for your videos.

Highly secure encryption
Your videos can contain highly confidential information and your business data must remain secure even while being sharable via multiple platforms. Make sure you choose a system and provider that delivers optimal streaming encryption and verification to prevent any video stream ripping or content theft.

Maximum network uptime
Ensuring the integrity of the network that houses and runs your video engine should be a 24×7 job for your service provider. Your videos are key to your business operation and internal team communication and downtime can cost valuable time and resources. Learn about your provider’s network uptime and infrastructure to be assured you will receive the level of “always available” service that you need.

Working with the right provider of video streaming services can ease your company’s management load and enhance the productivity of your global teams.  provides social online video platform for enterprises to securely capture, manage and distribute on-demand video content.