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When you are aiming to expand your business, the task of selecting new recruits could feel especially arduous. This is understandable given the money which can be at stake; Forbes reports the expense of one unsuitable employee as falling in the region of $25,000 to $50,000.

Finding and interviewing candidates can be expensive, as can purchasing such equipment as computers, desks and phones for those you do employ. So, how can you find a dream candidate?

Look for suitable competence in candidates

Yes – sometimes, the obvious things to check are, indeed, still the best things to check. Writing for Forbes, entrepreneurial growth expert Alan Hall goes as far as calling competence “still the first factor to consider.” He poses: “Does the potential employee have the necessary skills, experiences and education to successfully complete the tasks you need performed?”

Which candidates are likely to stay for the long term?

Your dream candidate won’t necessarily arrive into your corporate ranks as the complete product. There is much to be said for a candidate who has significant potential that has yet to be realised.

Nonetheless, you might have little opportunity to help an employee even unleash that potential if they opt to leave your company before too long. If you notice that a candidate has a history of job hopping, this might be a sign that they often like to eye the next rung on the ladder.

Seek candidates who are compatible with your corporate culture

Each business has its own culture which influences the day-to-day corporate routines. A great candidate should expend little effort in slotting into this culture if they join your company.

This candidate should – for example – easily get along with workmates and, even more crucially, current and potential clients. Naturally, you want a harmonious relationship between this person and you, their boss, as well. In fact, there’s a compelling argument for valuing culture over skills…

Corporate payment firm eNett International’s CEO, Anthony Hynes, has penned a Real Business article explaining: “My view is you can always teach skills, but you can’t teach culture.” Basically, as he declares elsewhere in the article: “Attitude first, then aptitude!”

Look for signs of passion for your company

In a sense, this actually ties in with what we have just said about seeking someone who can easily fit in with your company’s culture. However, passion is a particular quality which warrants emphasis – and one legendary executive who was able to vouch for this was former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The iPhone inventor recalled, as Reader’s Digest reports, that too many professional managers he used to recruit for Apple were “bozos.” He then started looking for people who were “not necessarily those seasoned professionals”, but had “in their passion the latest understanding of where technology was.”

Finding candidates who have the relevant passion is not always straightforward. However, you could increase your chances by using a respected job listings portal like CV-Library. The site can help you recruit for jobs in Leeds and many other areas.