The eLearning industry is constantly thriving and most often organisations struggle to keep up with the requirements of their learners as they do not possess the necessary skills. Such a scenario has given rise to outsourcing which is being used for a couple of decades now and has become an established model. As a result, there are plenty of pointers available which help you reach out to your potential partners to outsource work. Are you aware of those and make the best use of them? Read on to find out

Evaluate the reasons how outsourcing online training is the right approach

Before you embark on a journey to discover a potential partner for outsourcing your content needs, you must evaluate the reasons how outsourcing eLearning development proves beneficial to you. Identify whether this approach is merely opportunistic, i.e. maps to certain projects, short term goals or is strategic, i.e. caters to long term requirements and can be aligned with the business goals. 

In the second case, evaluation becomes more complex as you need to assess the partner’s capability to not only meet your current requirements or short term business goals but also offer scalability in the future. Since the landscape of eLearning development changes rapidly, determining if your outsourcing partner will be able to provide services with respect to it is extremely significant.

Weigh the different outsourcing options available

Upon successful completion of the first step, you gain clarity on why you must opt for outsourcing your eLearning development and what gains it will provide. As a result, you must now discover the different outsourcing options available and weigh the pros and cons of each one. You can either opt to choose single or multiple partners, assess their suitability against the gains you wish to obtain through your outsourcing development. While there are many who even opt for eLearning browser notification outsourcing, you must always choose wisely and go  for it only if it is advantageous to you.

Consider what your outsourcing partner has to offer

With constantly changing dynamics of the eLearning environment, it is utmost essential that the capabilities of your outsourcing partner also increases manifold. They must ensure of a development team with the right skills, a leadership team with a great mindset, an engagement model which facilitates collaboration alongside the flexibility and agility to align with the changing dynamics. 

How to create an effective eLearning outsourcing strategy?

Some of the parameters which help you in meeting your outsourcing requirements while pose certain challenges but assist in creating a partnership which will scale and align your business goals are as mentioned below. 

  • Innovation, Research, and Exploration focus so that they can align suitably to the changing learning environment 
  • Capability to create innovative and immersive solutions
  • Thorough knowledge of prevalent authoring tools and supporting technologies
  • Expertise in learning and user experience design
  • Strong Project Management practice with the core of high-quality communication collaboration and 
  • Sound risk management practice
  • Right talent pool which cuts across Account Management, Instructional Design, Project Management, Visual Design,Technology, and Quality Assurance
  • An efficient and agile development framework optimized for distributed development
  • Access to a talent that can quickly align with increased volumes of your business

eLearning stock photo by Alexander Supertramp/Shutterstock