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By Richard Kearsey

There is nothing as enthralling for a web designer to come up with the design that looks appealing, effective and serves the core purpose of excellent user inclination. That is the reason why designers spend hours working on the right mixture of the colors and fonts to use in the design. Just like the textbook you read, the web design should be eye catching, visually pleasing and operative. A bad selection of color and fonts may ruin the effect and ultimately the credentials of the company you are working for.

Choosing the right color and typography for your web design project is an art and you need to have that artistic flair to achieve great results. Here, we have demonstrated some tips that will help any inspiring web designer to understand the basic things about the selection of color themes and fonts for the designing. So here we goes:

Color Themes

You must have visited websites with some horrific color themes? Let me tell you, it looks annoying for a reader to spend some quality time on the website. The user actually visits the website to get some insightful information about the company and if he does not find the web design appealing or engaging, he/she will simply move to another site or competitor as there are many options available to him/her as far as the products are concerned.

When it comes to colors, you need to keep in the mind three factors: complementation, color distinction and engaging. The right combination of all these three elements will make your design superior and effective.


Complementation can be defined as the relationship between two or more than two colors. The striking balance that you can achieve by mixing colors should be visually pleasing. There are normally two types of complementation: triadic and compound color scheme. When you think about the color spectrum, the colors should occupy the opposite ends of it that will provide the perfect fine balance to the eyes. Once you become a master in the color complementation, your design will look sophisticated and stunning.

Color Distinction

Another important thing in the color selection is the distinction also known as contrast. Contrast is the color difference that really defines the design and makes it more visually appealing. The right contrast is something allows your eyes to easily scan and take in the design to which makes it more appealing. It is very simple: if you choose the dark color for your text, use light color background and vice versa.  Also, when you want to highlight some areas of the page, the contrast of the colors must be done smartly so that the user’s attention is drawn to a particular portion of the page.


Vibrancy of the color scheme touches the emotional part of the user. The color combination should be done in a manner that affects the user emotionally. If you use a dark color, it will make the user self-consciously feel peaceful and relaxed and if you use light color, it will make user more engaged and energetic.

These are the crucial elements you need to keep in the mind while selecting the colors of your design. Now we will discuss about typography, this means fonts selection for the web page design:


It is another major parameter you need to consider while designing the web page. No matter how well versed you are with the fonts, there are new fonts being designed every day. Here, we will discuss some of the crucial things about the typography.


While creating something catchy and creative, most of the designers forget the simple things. Is it easy to read?  The main objective of using fonts is to make sure that the user can read the content without much effort, this is an important factor within your design.

Body Fonts

Helvetica is one of the most used fonts by designers and the simple reason is that they look perfect and readable. Still, there are many designers who don’t use it due to overuse of the same. However, when it comes to selecting the font, you need to remember that there is no fixed rule. You need to select the fonts that represents the design the best and that is the key. You need to ask yourself: why this font? This question will answer everything.

The size of the fonts also matter a lot. You need to keep it in the manner that it can be readable easily.

Title Fonts

It is easy for any designer to confirm the readability of large fonts. There is no need to think about the font used by you as this is the last thing a user will think while reading the content. So it’s up to your instincts and gut feelings to think about it.

If possible, you need to choose two typefaces, one for the body and one for the title. A website can have lots of text and it is critical to be smart when emphasising words or sentences, be smart experiment with different fonts and styles to make what your trying to say stand out within your design.

Also, when you decide the size of the font, make sure that it is not too large as it is not the only thing on the page to draw attention. You need to make sure that the visual hierarchy is balanced and allow the user to read the content effortlessly.

That’s it for now. Hope this article will be useful for you. All the best!


Richard Kearsey is a creative director of New Media, a leading web design agency in Berkshire, specialises in providing website design, logo design, UI design and digital marketing services. He has a passion for WordPress and user interface design, and enjoys working with variety of entrepreneur and small business throughout the UK. You can read all his blog posts here on his official blog.