women owned business

Are you a woman business owner seeking to raise capital for your business or product launch? Are you curious about how crowdfunding could help you? Then sign up for ProHatch’s Crowdfunding Incubator for Women Owned Businesses. The free, 90-minute webinar is designed to teach women how to prepare their businesses for successful crowdfunding.

The second Web event in ProHatch’s 2013 Incubator Series will demonstrate how a reward campaign can be a powerful step in both the traditional and crowdfinance capital ladders that take enterprises from ideation to IPO, and build a sample campaign using Phase-To-Raise™.

In 2012, only 1.8% of women-owned businesses realized revenues of $1 million or more–yet women spend up to 30% more time on the Internet than men and dominate social networking activity. The webinar will give women entrepreneurs a unique perspective on the competitive advantage they have at their fingertips to create powerful funding communities and attract brand ambassadors for the benefit of their enterprises as they shorten the path to capital formation with a crowdfinance strategy.

“It’s a well-known statistic that less than 5% of traditional capital and less than 3% of VC capital is invested in women owned and operated enterprises. Clearly women need alternative paths to capital, and Crowdfinance is that path; from ideation to IPO,” says Liz Kulik, co-founder and CEO of ProHatch. “As a serial entrepreneur and investor myself, I understand the challenges of creating, funding, operating, and growing enterprise value in a woman owned enterprise, and I bring those experiences to ProHatch. Our approach to crowdfunding as a crowdfinance ladder empowers women entrepreneurs and investors to focus our intrinsic competitive advantage as the de facto leaders of online network building and e-commerce to create a new and powerful Super Network of capital formation, enterprise innovation and resources. As of today, 50% of the businesses financed by the crowd are women owned. This alone tells us the crowdfinance future for women is bright.”

Women-owned enterprises, investors and service providers can register for ProHatch’s free webinar by visiting www.prohatch.com. In addition, ProHatch will select several top women businesses, social impact and community entrepreneurs and award them a free scholarship to ProHatch’s extended incubator program. Winning scholars will receive free one-on-one advisory services during the life of the ProHatch campaign. In a series of focused strategy sessions, ProHatch’s industry-leading advisory team will assist entrepreneurs with developing their own strategic Crowdfinance plan and then build, launch and manage their Crowdfinance campaigns from start to finish.