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Most contractors don’t believe in social media.

Sure, they try posting a couple awkward photos of a completed project on Facebook, but it’s mostly because it’s what they hear is the “new thing.”

Here’s the truth. The platform’s where people promote their business is always changing but the fundamentals of marketing never change.  By fundamentals I mean that marketing any company involves seeing where the attention is and getting that attention on your company.

The attention used to be on radio, then it switched to TV, and guess where it is now.

In your pocket on your smartphone.

That’s why if you’re operating any business and you’re not trying to build a brand on social media, you’re already well on your way to losing.

So that’s why I’m making sure this piece is filled with practical, actionable tips to help your construction company get lifted off the ground on social media.

Let’s dive in.

1. Post on a Regular Basis

The absolute first thing I want to make very clear is how much you should post across your social media accounts.

If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a team, I recommend at least 10 pieces of content every day.  Now, that number might seem overwhelming to someone who’s never been consistent at their social media game, but it’s definitely doable and I’m going to show you how right now.

Let’s go over an example where we record a video of yourself talking about how to manage workers on the job site effectively. It’s about 5 minutes long so it’s very concise and easy to watch. You post the same video on YouTube and LinkedIn. (2 pieces of content)

Now let’s snatch 2 really profound quotes from that video, type them out on a cool background, then post them both on Instagram. (2 more pieces of content).  And after that, let’s put those exact same quotes on LinkedIn again as text-only posts. (2 more pieces of content)

Then, let’s edit 2 really good 30 second clips out of the video and post it on Instagram and Facebook. (4 more pieces of content)

Add that all up and you have 10 pieces of content.  Did you notice how everything we did was simply a result of the first video? All we did was chop it up and distribute it across our social media. That’s exactly the idea here, post 1 long piece of content, and then get creative to expand the use of it.

That’s how you post a lot on a regular basis.

2. Choose the Right Social Channels to Focus On

The right social channels to be on are the ones with the most attention on them.  Because contractors tend to be focus on the building aspects of their business, they often relay on word of mouth.  Social media take “word of mouth” advertising and puts a contractor in a position to scale that referral-based success.  Home improvement-type companies work best for social media.  So companies that specialize in drywall, painting, flooring, and even architects and consultants performing estimating services can benefit from choosing the right channel.

This doesn’t mean platforms like Facebook and Instagram aren’t useful, but only that LinkedIn would work more to grow your business.

Post on Facebook, Instagram, and maybe Twitter if you feel up for it. But give LinkedIn the priority.

3. Use Analytics to Improve Your Strategy

All online marketing should be inspired by statistics. If a certain piece of content or an ad has never performed well, it doesn’t make sense to continue spending time and money on it.

This part of any companies’ social media strategy can get very technical, so from one person to another, I recommend hiring data analysts to handle that aspect of your business.

This means certified professionals would look at your social media and give you recommendations on what to post or promote based on all the complicated data behind the social media accounts.

4. Considering Social Media Advertising

If you’re serious about growing your construction company but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on promoting yourself on social media, then you’re doing it wrong.

Let me explain.

Creating a strong system of advertising that allows people to become clients predictably can give you all the firepower you need to explode your construction business.

What kind of advertising? The kind that involves making your company the authority in your local area when it comes to your trade.

Here’s a realistic example if you’re a drywall contractor:

“A GC is home from a stressful day of work dealing with difficult drywall contractors taking too long to do their job, so he relaxes on the couch and scrolls through Facebook to escape his problems. All of a sudden, he comes across an ad that shows a friendly guy talking about how effectively he and his company do drywall work and to call them if interested in hiring them.”

Do you think the GC is going to be interested in your drywall company at that moment?

Of course he would be, because you got in front of him with exactly what he wanted to see and hear at the perfect time.  That’s the idea, create a system of ads that give subcontractors, GCs, architects, or developers exactly what they want to hear.

Everyone is always searching for a better way to do their work to make their lives easier, take advantage of that and hit them with the most persuasive sales pitch your brain can think of, and you’ll find yourself with a lot more business than you can handle.

5. Deeply Engage with Your Audience

Notice how I put the word “deeply” instead of just “engage with your audience”, it wasn’t an accident.

I want to encourage you to go out and network with as many people as possible on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This builds up your company’s brand among the community of construction professionals, and further positions you as an authority.

In simpler words, talk to a lot of people and when people need to hire someone who does what you do, you’ll be on their mind.

That’s the power of a strong reputation among the community.

6. Be Unique, and True to the Brand

Would you want to see random pictures of freshly installed drywall or freshly applied paint when you scroll through Facebook or Instagram?

Probably not, yet I see construction companies continue to produce the same, boring content.

Stand out a little, post something exciting, something cool, something that brings value to the person watching.

That’s how you build a great brand and combined with engaging with people and putting the “social” in social media (see above), you have an incredible formula for creating a business that lasts a long time.

7. Network with Influencers

In case you don’t know what an “influencer” is, they’re essentially people with a large following on social media.

Since they have a large following, having an influencer sponsor your company can give you a lot of exposure and how grow your brand, leading to more business.

Let me give you a real-world example:

Let’s say you’re a remodeling contractor, and you reach out to an influencer to redo the paint outside their house. You give them the quantity takeoff, along with a discounted price for your services. They agree to let you work, and you do such a great job that they end up posting about it and giving you a shoutout.

The idea here is that people trust the opinions of third-parties more than they do the ones promoting themselves. So, if someone recommends a construction company to handle your home renovation, they’re more likely to listen than if the construction company promotes themselves.

That’s the power of leveraging influencers to get more exposure to your social media pages, and to eventually become a client.

8. Post. A. Lot.

One more time.

Post as much content as you can.

Be creative, give more than you take, and be a good guy and you will win.

Not many contractors are handling their social media correctly, so if you can tap into that world, there’s no telling where your company will go.

Remember, at least 10 pieces of content a day keeps the clients to stay.


There’s no denying the power of social media. All the attention and eyeballs consuming content in one place is a huge opportunity.

And the fact that there’s nothing stopping you from putting out all your content is an insane opportunity, and it’s one that you need to take part of if you want your construction company to last through the times.

Daniel Quindemil is the Founder of I AM Builders, a Construction Estimating and Consulting Firm.  He has a Bachelor in Architecture and is a Licensed General Contractor.  He has supervised and managed projects for the University of Miami, Bacardi, and private investment firms.  He is an expert at design, construction, and estimating.

Contractors stock photo by ESB Professional/Shutterstock