You’re familiar with the saying “knowledge is power.” Of course, knowledge can be gained just about anywhere these days: a blog post, a YouTube video, a social media post, the list goes on. But there are some topics that need more detail than what you can gather from a quick 5 minute read or easy-to-digest video. If you want exposure to new ideas, modes of thinking, and a compounded aggregate of diverse knowledge, then reading is important, especially when it comes to building a startup business.

Fortunately, there are a wealth of expert entrepreneurs and founders who’ve been exactly where you are now. Many of which, have a wealth of stories, lessons and valuable insights that have been distilled down into book format. All you need to do is crack open the pages.

Of course, where do you start when there are millions of books on entrepreneurship and business growth out there? Not all books (or business advice for that matter) are created equal. To help you out Embroker narrowed down a list of 21 books geared to help entrepreneurs scale their startups and learn from some of the best veteran businessmen and women out there.

This list is broken down into three categories:

  • Growth hacking books — Those that give you insights on how to scale a startup business. These coer topics like marketing, product development and sales.
  • Books to read before pitching VCs — Books for founders and entrepreneurs who are getting ready to go after additional funding to grow their business.
  • Entrepreneurship stories — Tomes that will give you insight into the stories, struggles, successes and failures of other entrepreneurs who’ve gone before you.

Below is an infographic that highlights the various books from the growth hacking section. To learn more about the others on the list, check out Embroker’s full guide to startup and entrepreneurship books here.


Growth for entrepreneurs stock photo by Sergey Tinyakov/Shutterstock