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When it comes to managing health and safety risks, organizations are always on the lookout for ways to identify risks and undertake the relevant mitigation to ensure that these potential risks do not evolve into disasters that could cost the organization millions, as well as putting their workers at significant risk.

As an organization, it is important to keep on top of wellness trends, this will help you to integrate the relevant training, as well as risk assessment, on any potential issues that might arise. 2016 was an important year for health and safety, but even as organizations recognize the requirement of training and equipping their workforce with the right tools and knowledge to prevent disaster, accidents are still happening, and ill-health caused by the workplace is on the rise. To combat this, new ways of integrating health and safety into organizations are being formulated; here, Praxis42 go through a few trends they see for health and safety in 2017.

Technological Advances

With the ways we are working changing every day with the advances in technology, it means there will significantly more risks that people face; but ensuring your health and safety is up to date is key to ensuring that you are complying with any new legislation that might come through.

New Ways of Identifying Risk

Whilst these technological advances can be causing more risk in some instances, on the flip side of this it’s important to recognize the new ways of identifying risks technology is offering us. 2016 was a big year for wellness, as more business owners begin to understand how useful it is to integrate a streamlined process for identifying risk and putting the relevant training in place. Technology is helping with this, and an automation process can assist with certain things; legislation updates are released each year, and being prepared for these can hugely help your organization. As well as this, technology can now help to put risk assessment training in place when looking at new processes within your business.

Focus on Mental Wellness

There has been a shift in the previous few years for organizations to focus on the mental health of their employees, and through 2017 it is expected to continue, and rise. There are several factors within work that can cause stress and other health problems, and these can impact on mental health in individuals.

Mental health is hugely stigmatized, and organizations still have problems with how anxiety, stress and depression are addressed and dealt with. These problems with the stigma surrounding such problems can be one of the reasons why mental health is not widely discussed, but this can lead it to be a much worse problem.

But by assessing the risks of this in your workforce, looking at trends and looking at how important it is to look after the health and well-being of your employees, will hugely help to improve not only their health, but their positivity, and productivity when they come to work.

Find what works for you and your business and then you will be on course for a great 2017!

Maria Simpson is a highly passionate writer, who has been writing on Business and technology for a couple of years now. Apart from that, she also expresses her views on employee health and safety, lifestyle through her posts.