By Robert Cordray

Advertising has vastly changed in recent years. Nowadays, it’s all too easy for the audience to tune out the messages they are being presented. They can simply turn off the television when a commercial comes on, switch the radio station when an announcement geared at selling something comes over the airwaves, or click away from a link on a website. Nowadays, marketers have to get creative when trying to get their message across. They need to find ways to appeal to their audience before they tune a message out. That’s where content marketing helps a customer to understand why they need a certain business, product, or person.

Content marketers make a consumer understand why they need them or their product by describing exact details of why. Why is the big question. Instead of saying “you need to buy this product” a content marketers describes all the amazing benefits of something and that’s what peaks a consumer’s interest. So many people tune out when someones trying to sell them something. But, when content marketers simply describe the benefits of something, consumers will feel more inclined to purchase something and they will see exactly why they need that product.

Content marketing is really starting to be the future of advertising and sales. Therefore, it’s important to keep all team members up to speed with this new practice. Using an elearning company is a fantastic way to do this. Teaching the whole team on how to reach out to customers is the most practical. This can be done in a variety of ways. Through corporate training programs, employees can learn how to reach consumers through a variety of ways. This can be done through news, videos, how-to guides, questions and answers, and much more. And as employees see success connecting with consumers, employee engagement and employee retention will ignite.

To make a customer understand why they need a client or services, the business has to be friendly and speak in a conversational tone. Speaking in a conversational tone will really make the consumer feel like they can open up and trust this product. Trust is the key to making a sale. If a customer feels like they are speaking with a friend and not with a business person, they won’t feel like they are being pressured into purchasing something. That makes the deal more likely to go along smoothly.

Nowadays, the vast majority of people are getting their information online. Content marketers need to know how to get the attention of these people without having them quickly click away. Businesses have only a few seconds to make a consumer understand why they need them before they click away and are onto the next thing. That’s why businesses need to pitch quickly what they’re selling, whether it’s a product or a service. That’s why the content marketing also needs to be something exciting and attention grabbing.

Overall once a person grasps the simple concept of content marketing, they’ll be able to use it for a large variety of products. A large reason for this is the fact that smartphone use is huge. It trumps all other forms when it comes to how people get their information and how they browse things online. That is why it is so important to make consumers understand why they need a certain service. This is also why it’s an integral part of business practices to have corporate training programs that train their employees on how to use this variety of tactics. Pretty soon, content marketing could be the only form of marketing and advertising. That’s why it’s key to have everyone up to speed.

Robert Cordray is a former business consultant and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and a wide variety of knowledge in multiple areas of the industry. Follow him at @RobertCordray.