By Maria Valdez Haubrich

An unhealthy staff can wreak havoc on a small business. Unlike bigger businesses where another employee can take over the duties of the sick employee, small businesses usually rely on every staff member to shoulder their burden of work with little time to spare.

And with health insurance still one of the most pressing problems for small businesses, a professional wellness program can only help make the situation better. Sam’s Club has recently announced a new partnership with U.S. Preventive Medicine, one of the country’s leaders in disease prevention. The program, called The Prevention Pan, is a health management plan that offers resources and information on how to create a healthy culture in the workplace. Businesses can purchase the program through the Sam’s Club website and includes a comprehensive blood panel for participants as well as access to information on how to apply for state and federal wellness grants.

The Prevention Plan is a personalized health management program that evaluates an individual’s health risks and creates a personalized plan to reduce those risks. The plan includes personal health coaching, ongoing support, and a variety of tools to keep members motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program is available on for $99 per person, per year.