When you’re looking for a way to market and sell products for your new business, sometimes the right distributor comes along at the right time. Read today’s post from  guest blogger Jennifer Roma of Headbandz.

After my daughter Naomi was born, I noticed that the baby accessories market did not have a clear market leader or an ideal place to buy quality baby accessories that didn’t cost too much.  I was interested in starting a new business for quite some time. After seeing this opportunity, it seemed like a great place to start. Enter Headbandz!

How I got my start: I came across Main Street Revolution while reading the news one day.  We were a new business and I thought this would be a great way to create visibility.  I contacted Overstock.com, and after discussing the process with their buyer, we were approved.

We saw Overstock.com as an ideal website to gain nationwide visibility and it’s been great to say we sell on Overstock.com. Overstock.com carefully screens products for high quality and avoids overcrowding.  We’ve seen sales in places where we may not have otherwise sold, for example, Alexander, North Dakota.

After our products were posted online, we received our first order within 24 hours.  The whole process has been virtually seamless, but one initial problem we faced was what to do when an address wasn’t accepted by USPS’s verification system.  We contacted our Merchant Operating Assistant at Overstock.com and she provided us with an email address where we could send the address for correction.

Evolving Our Collection: Selling on Overstock.com has also been a terrific tutorial for learning about online sales.  Our overall sales have increased and continue to grow.  One of our top selling headbands has a white daisy with a pink rhinestone.  I got the inspiration while shopping one day.  I noticed a flower with a button center, which got me thinking that it is the center of the flower that really makes the product stand out.  After considering different options, our designer and I agreed that a delicate pink colored rhinestone would make an ideal, unique daisy.  We started with just a few products online, and through steady growth we now offer over one hundred product combinations.

Guiding Product Development: Our customers are continuously satisfied with their product purchases and reviews from across the nation inspire me to constantly innovate. One of our customer’s recently said, “These headbands are beautiful.  I love the stretchy soft nature of the band itself.  Our daughter receives tons of compliments when she wears it. I would highly recommend Headbandz.”

Headbandz continues to expand into new markets and will soon be adding hair bows and tutus to its current offerings.  Additional future product offerings will include custom designed leather diaper bags and shoes, as well as baby carriers and high chairs with custom designed, colorful fabrics.