Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly paved the way for huge improvements in all aspects of daily life. While you might not know it, AI is implemented in almost everything that you do daily. Music recommendations on Spotify, targeted ads of items you might’ve wanted, social media feeds on topics that interest you, and smart cars are just a few of these applications.

AI also plays a huge role in business and especially business management. For example, chatbots with AI have removed the need for major customer support. Benefits of AI in small businesses include improving brand loyalty using personalization, effective hiring and upskilling of employees, improved sales and risk forecasting among others.

Here we look into how AI transcription can help your small business take flight.

Advantages of AI Transcription

1.   Make your online meetings more effective

As a startup, communication is vital in getting the product or service off the ground. Effective time utilization can compensate for a lack of funds and resources. AI transcription tools like Audext can play a critical role here by transcribing all the meetings with high speed and accuracy.

Gone are the days spent making notes and wasting time highlighting key points. With such tools, it’s easy converting an entire meeting into a written document in several minutes.

Meetings with good speakers and leaders yield sensational content, which would make for interesting blogs. AI audio transcription can repurpose a zoom call or any audio/video meetings as an article. If not a blog, these make for good email newsletter content.

By transcribing everything that’s said in a meeting, forming the meeting minutes becomes a piece of cake and requires little to no time. Employing AI in audio transcription opens a whole new world of productivity for an online business in its infant stage.

2.   Accelerate your sales growth

Startups focus a lot on sales growth since this parameter can make or break the entire company. Grow too fast, and you become susceptible to quick falls. Grow too slow, and investors and customers lose confidence and pull out. AI transcription considerably reduces transcription costs by employing tools that do automatically rather than manually.

One of the main aspects of driving sales is doing ample market research. While this is immensely useful, it is also very tedious. Research can involve sitting through hours of content online, previously recorded interviews, notes, etc.

Using an audio transcription service can make this process a piece of cake by transcribing all the info you have into organized and annotated documents that will be much easier to sift through.

By using audio transcription rather than relying on hand-written notes, the room for error reduces while increasing the speed. It is a win-win situation, especially if you’re a small business with less time and resources to spare.

3.   Increase the SEO of your content

As a startup, you’re a fish in a sea filled with sharks. Your SEO game determines if you can beat the competition and get noticed on the internet. While good content goes a long way, the algorithm is the deciding factor.

One of the obvious reasons why this is beneficial is because it improves discoverability by making audio searchable. What gets searched gets ranked. In videos, the meta-data is one such searchable element that makes a huge difference in SEO. So, how much will an entire transcribed video help? The answer is “A LOT.”

Concerning SEO, always remember that Google finds it easier to scrape through text than audio or video. Using transcripts for all your content, you’re setting yourself up for efficient SEO and a higher ranking.


While the focus should be on the product/service that a business is offering, it makes sense to implement new tools to aid the process. There is an ocean of competition in every niche of business. The difference lies in how a company uses 4.0 technology like AI, VR, AR, and mixed reality to improve its workflow. It, in turn, gives more time to focus on the customer’s needs. Such considerations might seem counter-intuitive but will yield results in the long run.

The possibilities of AI are endless, and the advantages, countless.

Marta Kuka, the Content Marketing Editor of Audext, audio to text converter, which helps to transcribe interviews, podcasts, and other audio and video files.

She is passionate about digital marketing and business development. 

AI stock image by Blue Planet Studio/Shutterstock