By Maria Valdez Haubrich

Mobile computing is becoming more crucial than ever before. In the recently ended holiday shopping season, for the first time ever a significant number of consumers used smartphones to access real-time data about deals and sales, or to compare prices, while shopping. Consumers are also increasingly using mobile technology just to find out what your business has to offer—for instance, to search Google and find your website when they’re out and about.

What customers see when they access your business website from a mobile device could make or break the sale. A website that works smoothly from a mobile device could attract customers into your store or restaurant on the go. A website that enables simple shopping on a mobile device could close the sale right there and then.

But how do you know if your website is up to par on a mobile device? PracticalECommerce recently ran a useful guide to 5 sites that let you test your site’s compatibility with different browsers. Some are free and some charge a bit, but all offer great ways to ensure that customers are seeing what you think they’re seeing when they visit your site.

As PracticalECommerce puts it, “[with] Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera…dozens of mobile browsers available, [and] more in development as each new device arrives on the shelves,” there’s a lot to consider when measuring the success of your site.