By Martina Sanchez

In a society that wants us to ‘have it all’, achieving that work-life balance is far easier said than done. There are times when it feels impossible to meet all your obligations and do everything to the best of your ability.

When you’re juggling family commitments and the pressures of work, you’ll probably end up dropping a few balls. Not beating yourself up about it is key to finding that balance. Here are a few other real life hacks:

Sometimes Something Has to Give

It may be leaving work early to rush home to a sick child, or asking your kids to play quietly upstairs while you finish a work call when you’d much rather have them with you downstairs. Maybe you had to say “no” to a meal with your partner because you had too much to do. There will be plenty examples of when one aspect of your life gives way for another.

Lifestyle writer at LastMinuteWriting and Researchpapersuk Rachel Lloyd-Jones said: “It’s just a fact of life that there are times when sacrifices have to be made and you have to ask those around you to accept those sacrifices. When men skip a dinner with their families for work commitments, it’s rarely commented on but women often feel guilt over having to prioritize work now and again.”

Create a Realistic Schedule

As much as you can, try and plan your week around both sets of commitments. Importantly, though, don’t forget to set aside a little time just for you where you can recharge your batteries by going for a run, reading in a café or whatever else you need to feel energized.

Have everyone in your family aware of the schedule and on board with the logisitics. If you need to work out after school clubs with your partner, make sure you arrange childcare in advance so the week runs more smoothly and without unnecessary stress.

Be Focused

Not just on your work and the part you play in your business but when you’re at home with your kids. You have every right to fully focus on your role when you’re at work but outside office hours, where possible, you have every right to spend time with your children.

Although it’s easier said than done, try to close down your laptop and zoom in on what your children are talking about and the things that matter to them. You could spend hours with them, but if you have half an eye on your emails, it’s far from quality time. The same goes for dads as well. Switch off and enjoy some family time.

Career blogger at Draft Beyond Susan Barry said: “We tend to separate out the parental roles but the same rules apply to both when you’re at work be 100% committed and when you get home switch that commitment to your family. You won’t regret putting in the time with your children, it’s a commitment well worth honoring.”

Find a Career You Love

Whether you’re working for a company who are striking out on your own, finding a job that you find professionally as well as economically fulfilling will hugely help in achieving better balance in your life.

To spend hours slogging away at a desk for a job you don’t believe in and can’t wait to leave is a horrible way to spend the hours away from your family. Its knock on effects will make you tired and irritable at home and simply living for the weekends.

Bryan Gregory, a leadership guru at Writinity said: “Work should be a fulfilling part of you life, it should do more than just pay the bills. It’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy your time away from family, in fact it gives you more of an opportunity to keep your mind sharp and develop as a person.”

Achieving a 50/50 balance in life and work is probably impossible and nor should it be something you strive for, instead finding a balance that works for you, your business and your family is what we should all be trying to accomplish.

Making time for yourself and creating schedules that are as stress-free as possible, require a little planning and a lot of determination; two qualities you definitely have.

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