Your customer’s requirements are always changing, which means your product line should still be good. All you have to do is turn your brand into a drop of a hat. After all, your brand identity is what attracts your loyal customers in the first place.

For example, clothing retailer H&M has worked successfully in the homeware niche for many years, now growing from a small start-up of home textiles to a stylish home and a full range of live products, to open the first stand-alone H&M store in 2018.

Steps to consider before expanding your brand

  • Know what your customers’ want

Check out what your current audience wants. You already have an online print on demand store, a social media follower, or both, think about whom your audience is and what they want. View comments on your social media channels or run pol online polls, ask them directly if they are interested in a particular product.

  • Look at your competitors

What are their customers asking, and what products are they talking about? Are they going for price or quality? By looking at your competition and its customer base, you can better understand whether shoppers will take your products more than everyone else.

  • Be honest

It doesn’t matter what product you want to deliver to your audience, make sure it aligns with your brand values.

Why choose a print on demand drop shipper for a variety of products

To develop an apparel product from scratch, you usually need to make an initial financial investment, go through development cycles. And in most of the cases, it meets the minimum order quantity while starting your product (meaning the manufacturer will create your styles until you are ready to order, at least 1000 pieces of that particular style). It takes a lot of money, time, and effort.

The textile industry has a long product development cycle. It takes a long time to develop a clothing collection, to create a group, to design it, to find the right material, to work in the sampling phase, to find a manufacturer, to produce a garment, and finally to manage logistics. It is widespread to start product development 18 months before the actual product reaches the last customers.

A print on demand services like Shirtee makes it easy for you to overcome some of these hurdles. It doesn’t require any explicit costs – you only pay when the customer buys the product. There is no need for storage space and fees, nor expensive devices. And you choose from a selection of existing products, which means there are no product rounds and long waits. Shirtee delivers its products directly to its customers under its brand of products.

All you have to do is decide which direction you want to take your brand, using your existing customer base, brand identity, and the pieces of your current collection. Take a look at ways to expand your business from Shirtee to on-demand products.

How can you expand your brand with print on demand?

Here are ways to systematically expand into new print on demand products, whether you plan to do this with wear, home, and living or accessories.

Include some products that promote your core product line

If you have an e-store, but apparel is not part of your offering fur, consider putting your logo on a range of tees, hats, and sweatshirts, it will help bring the word to your brand. Think of it this way: Every tee worn by you or one of your customers is a real-life ad for your brand!

Use your creativity

Don’t stop making pepper for your brand with your logo. You can tap into your niche in a very smart, creative way. You can take the example of Terrasa Carter, another attractive printable customer of Derabos, as a full-service sleepwear brand. It offers handmade items, including crochet and knitting patterns, and a stunning line on mugs from her book.

Try our sportswear

Sportswear is comfortable, comfy clothing that is considered suitable for exercise and everyday wear. If you have an apparel brand, or if your brand is about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, there’s zeal to tap into it.

Most of the brands are adding athletics to their collections as passive clothing sales continue to grow. The activewear market is estimated to grow to $69.2 billion in 2020. With the pandemic, most of the professionals are working from home, this numbers will grow.

 Provide a personalization on products

Product personalization has become one of the most popular retail trends, and it is not going anywhere. 1 in 5 shoppers are interested in customization to such an extent that they are willing to pay 20 times more than a mass-produced item.

Personalization is a unique experience and can increase brand loyalty by giving your customers a more personalized, unique shopping experience. The data you collect from customization is a source of excitement for how you can further your product listing and build your brand image, as you see what kind of design your customers want.

With Shirtee’s Product Personalization Tool, you can give your customers the option to make products their own. Offer these customized products in your online print on demand store:

– T-Shirts

– Mugs

– Phone case

– Pillow covers

– Bags

POD Dropshipping: A comfortable, low-risk way to boost your brand

Print on demand dropshipping allows you to offer new products to your customers and create a new way of commitment for both new and existing shoppers. But it’s not just about getting a bunch of products in front of more people. It’s about determining the right things and targeting them for the right people.

This means keeping in mind which direction you want to expand. You need to know what audience wants and research the market from A to Z. If you don’t have demographic information about your current and potential customers, you won’t know where you stand and what your customer wants.

Once you like your audience, you’ll be positive about using print-on-demand drop shippers like Shirtee – this will allow you to offer new, exciting, and varied product lines with the minimum initial investment.


If you want to add new print on demand products to your portfolio, be sure to research your market, listen to your audience, and, most importantly, be true to your brand. It is not guaranteed that this will give you a whooping exposure and profit, yet this approach will put you in front of your customers’ eyes.

Nino is a Co-founder of Shirtee.Cloud founded in 2016 is a platform for ecommerce business to integrate their online store with and sell their on-demand product under their own brand. Nino has fair knowledge of business and business ideas for start-ups merchants. Thus, he wants to share his knowledge with other merchants to start business and for grow their business.

Branding stock photo by PureSolution/Shutterstock