digital signage

The main feature of digital signage is that it is a dynamic display that draws the crowd by using bright lights. It brings life to the ordinary and makes the audience focus their attention on the message, graphics, content or video that the creator wants to convey.

It has the ability to send its message across that creates a lasting picture in the audience’s memory. It has engaging content that can be seen in different platforms such as wall displays, standing kiosks, shelf displays, and interactive LED or LCD screens where people select their orders in fast-food restaurants. It has quickly become the favored edge for businesses that want quick and lasting recognition outside the online space.

If you’ve been wanting to start your marketing through digital signage, here are some strategies to make it easier for you to begin a digital ads campaign that will engage and effectively make a customer out of regular folks that may pass by:

Start with the end in mind

Write down your goals. You have to be able to clearly visualize goals for you to be able to find ways to achieve them. Creating ad campaigns is not a straightforward task. You have to begin with the in mind to map out your digital signage strategy

Make the campaign specific to your intended audience

Trying to create customers out of your viewers need not be a hard sell. It’s also not easy to create content that everyone will like so make ads that will appeal to a particular type of customer that likely needs your offer.

Find the best location

Almost every marketer knows that location is the key to reaching your ideal audience. It should be on an empty wall space that is far from other distracting signages. This is for your audience’s eyes to automatically focus on your content.

You should also customize the content for the type of audience that usually passes by that selected area.

Create a plan for your content

Ideally, your content should get you the desired results that are relevant to your goals. Without a goal to focus your efforts on, you risk the possibility of creating content that is very much engaging and high-value but misses achieving your goals. It could offer a long-term benefit or short-term satisfaction. However you want to paint it, basically – it should be a solution to their problem.

Communicate the value of your product

Make it a priority to show the value of your offer to your target audience. It is not easy for them to let go of their hard-earned money. They have to realize that they have a huge need for your offer.

Create Urgency

It is one of the fastest and best ways to make a sale. Creating the pressure to buy in the consumer’s minds is commonly used in marketing. It removes the tendency of people to put much thought into buying your service or not. There’s a reason why successful marketers use it – because it works!. The artificial urgency pushes the audience to act. This is achieved by adding a deadline to the availability of the product or service

Don’t focus only on large wall displays

Digital signages are not just big wall displays but they can also be small display such as signs inside train stations or lighted ads in stores. A small ad may be more effective than a large one as it can be displayed in several places. Seeing the same ad more frequently keeps the product or service in the consumer’s mind more easily.

Just a few years ago, digital signages were expensive and were the main solution by large companies for their marketing campaigns. With the evolution of the old the digital screen to one of LED and of the introduction of configurable digital display applications that make signages versatile, interactive, and with great picture quality, the future or digital signages is full of bright possibilities

Mia Clarke is part of the tech-content team at The Long Reach. When Mia is not spreading the word about how technology has changed the marketing industry, she is often found discovering the great outdoors, walking or cycling.

Digital signage stock photo by Zapp2Photo/Shutterstock